Nhi and Micah

How We Met

Micah and I met in high school marching band. We later both attended Virginia Tech. One day when crossing the East Egg quad, I invited him to lunch. Later that night I invited him to a kickback at my place. One of our friends asked if I thought he was cute, I said yes and so we went upstairs and talked for hours!

How They Asked

We spent the afternoon at a winery in Duplane, Virginia with his family and my cousin. Everyone was there because Micah’s older sister had offered to take family photos of us. As we were taking family photos, it was Micah and my turn. I knew at this point that he was going to take this opportunity to propose. His sister kept asking us to “change the pose” next thing I know, Micah takes my hands and asks me “you ready babe? I’ve known since the first year we dated that this is what I wanted.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Barrel Oak Winery (Duplane, VA)

In the 2 years since then, we’ve both graduated college, done a year of long distance, moved halfway across the east coast, and moved in together. After all of that, I have never been more confident in this decision. Nhi, will you marry me?” My cousin immediately started crying. She’s the closest person I have in my life to a sister, so having her there meant the world to me.

Special Thanks

Carissa Dezort
 | Photographer