Nhi and Kevin

Engagement Proposal Ideas in CN Tower

How We Met

We met through Tinders. And we did not know whom life brought into us. We talked a lot before we met. Kevin kept telling me he has a bunch of umbrellas but then he didn’t bring one when picked me up at Airbnb and we walked through the rain to Starbucks. It was a nice feeling and a lot of laughs over the coffee. I traveled with my family and the tour finished at the hotel which is 1 hour away from downtown at 6 pm. He told me it’s not far if compare to my country to his country, so he would come to take me to dinner.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in CN Tower

How They Asked

He kept talking about how he was nervous for the dinner tonight and if I’m afraid of height… although the dinner was already booked at 360 the restaurant at CN Tower. He was shaking the whole time we walked there. I wondered if he doesn’t feel well because the receptionist asked if he wants to leave the jacket at the hanger but he refused. It’s really strange because he wear the winter jacket through dinner. He pointed to me his apartment spot while we looked down and when I turned around, he was on his knee with a ring on his hand and ask “Are you married me?”. It brought happy tears to my eyes and Yes was the answer. Some people would ask why we decide to marry too soon, our answer is If you know she/he is the right person, why do you wait?

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