Beautiful Proposal in Newport Beach


The first time Dimitriy and I met was at a Christian camp retreat that consisted of up 1,000 college students. With so many people there, somehow we managed to end up at the same camp site one evening. Got to know each other a little bit and over two years time we saw each other here and there at certain events since I lived in Sacramento and Dimitriy lived in Orange County.

After dating long distance for only 9 months, we knew we were for each other. We tried to visit each other every 2-3 weeks and every moment we spent together was magical. We fell in love more and more every time we saw each other. So on one of my visits to Orange County on August 3,2012 Dimitriy and I had dinner date planned. It didn’t seem out of the ordinary for me because we did that quite often. I put on my really nice black dress that he bought me earlier that day. He told me that he made reservations at The Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach, which is super breathtaking. At this point I think to my self, seems like a fancy dinner but we’ve done that before on Valentine’s, so still no suspicion and I knew he was never going to propose in public. We arrived at the Pelican Hill Resort and had a wonderful dinner date. As our server asks us if we want dessert, I ask Dimitriy if he wants to share something. He answered me with a brilliant idea of going to the ‘supposed’ new bakery that they opened. He knew my weakness was any kind of pastry or dessert. So I totally agreed to going to the bakery.


As we are walking to the bakery, we take in the pretty view of the ocean and the sun going down and then out of no where a server appears and tells us to come right this away. I was totally confused at the point and thought we were going to a bakery. As we follow the server, we walk passed the pool at the resort and up the stairs to a private area decorated in rose petals with beautiful flowers and music.




There was my chocolate dessert sitting on the table!!!! At this point I definitley was suspecting something special but not sure what it was and everything seemed unreal. As soon as the server leaves, Dimitriy starts pouring out his heart to me which made me completely melt and then he asks me to dance. While the sun is setting we slow dance. He tells me how much in love he is and that he can’t spend the rest of his life without me and then gets down on one knee!!!!!! I am just in shock, totally surprised after 9 months of dating and in awe I say “I would love to marry you!!!”. It was a magical and undescribable feeling that day that we will never forget.






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Photos by ArinaB Photography