David and Kelly

David and I met 8 1/2 years ago in our home town of South Shields on my 18th Birthday. After buying our first home together just one year later, I was repeatedly asked the question, when would we be getting married. At just 19 years old, this concept was slightly scary, even though I knew David was the one!

Our relationship grew stronger over the years; we had fun travelling the world together, New York being our favourite city. I finished my degree and started my first job, David started his own business, we bought our second home, we were very very happy. Life seemed perfect!

I often wondered how David would propose, but never guessed that it would be as special as it was, David put in 6 months worth of planning and saving to make it perfect!


On 24th March 2013 I jetted off to New York with 9 of my female relatives, including my Mum and Nana. After a snowy and miserable first day, we were pleased to see the sunshine emerge on the morning of 26th March. My cousins prepared me for the day by suggesting we make an effort to look and feel good, styling our hairs, painting our nails and dressing smartly. We set of on a shopping trip to Bloomingdales and then a walk in Central Park, stopping on the Gapstow Bridge for a photo opportunity; little did I know this was a plan! David had asked that my Mam get me to the bridge for 12.30pm. At 12.15, we were early, I grew impatient as to why we were not using the time to explore the rest of this amazing park. An ice cream was suggested to delay time, then another photo opportunity.

As I approached my Mam to look at the photo’s taken, she said “Kel, turn around”. To my delight and complete surprise, there was David standing with a huge grin on his face.





My cousins had already spotted him and were as confused as I was. I could not understand how he was here in New York, I had only spoken to him that morning and he was in England, or so I thought. I approached him for a huge cuddle, he then bent down on one knee requesting I do him the honour of becoming his wife, presenting me with the Tiffany signature blue box. The moment was captured by Sarah Tew, David’s hired photographer to capture this amazing moment.






As I opened the box, I noticed there was no engagement ring inside. David went on to tell me, that we would be visiting Tiffany’s together to choose my own ring!!! In a moment of panic I asked “did I even say yes, I can not remember”, David agreed to go back down on one knee and ask again…this time I screamed YES!!!!

Saying our goodbyes to my family, David and I walked over to Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue, with Sarah hot on our tail, taking photos of the moment.


Arriving at Tiffany’s and being escorted into a cosy little room on the engagement ring floor was a special moment. We were presented with Champagne and cakes shaped like the little blue box. I was then shown a selection of rings, that David had already selected that morning.





My eyes were drawn to one in particular, yes the one that sparkled the most and yes, it was the biggest. I tried it on and it felt perfect. Following another glass on champagne, we flagged down a taxi to take us to Times Square. There Sarah captured us with the iconic backdrop.



David then informed me of the next surprise, my family were waiting for us at Gordon Ramsey’s – The London Restaurant, where David had booked us in for Champagne Afternoon Tea. I excitedly showed them my ring and received Engagement cards from my Mam and Nana, who was also in on the surprise.

The afternoon flowed wonderfully with cakes, scones and more champagne!

David then announced my next surprise; a hotel booked overlooking central park for the next 3 nights. I was no longer travelling back tomorrow with the family and had another 3 days to spend in New York.

On 27th March, David and I had a champagne breakfast overlooking Central Park, David had searched for a venue that served Pancakes, my favourite. We spent the day shopping before David announced my next surprise, a Private Diner at The London Restaurant at 7pm. 6 courses later, we were off to the 360 degree revolving cocktail bar to see the whole of New York lit up.

After another 2 fabulous days of shopping and sight seeing, David and I were homeward bound. This came my final surprise, flying back business class. Booking into the business class lounge, we were treated to a massage and 3 course dinner, before boarding our flight and lying back in my very own bed!!!!

This was a trip of a lifetime and one that I will never forget.


Photos by Sarah Tew Photography