The Big Question in the Big Apple

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How we met: Born and raised a Georgia peach, I never questioned where I would attend college. My fiancé Jordan, on the other hand, became a bulldog at the great University of Georgia more by circumstance, as his family moved from Arizona during his junior year of high school. Early on in our freshman year at UGA, Allie—who has been one of my best friends since preschool—introduced me to one of her new friends Evan, and the three of us became extremely close over that year. The following fall, Evan chose me as his fraternity little sister; and in order to make that happen, he had to present me with a rose and a formal invitation to initiation night.

On the night of October 5th, 2009, I was falling apart in Allie’s driveway, just having broken up with my ex-boyfriend. It was there, on that night, that Evan found me to present me with this invitation. I was completely disheveled, in pajamas with makeup running down my face, when Evan pulled up. After talking briefly and accepting my invitation, I returned to Allie and Evan drove away. As fate, or just crazy luck, would have it, Evan’s roommate Jordan had been sitting in the passenger seat, commenting on how beautiful he thought I was, even when I felt at my absolute worst.

After I become a little sister, I began to spend a lot of time with Evan’s and Jordan’s fraternity, and Jordan and I recognized a connection with one another instantly. As much as we both tried to resist it–I was single and “loving it” and Jordan knew that–it was only a matter of time before we admitted that we were head over heels in love. On March 14th, 2010, we went on our first official date; and from that moment, I knew that he would hold my heart for the rest of my life.

how they asked: Flash forward 3.5 years: We have now been graduates of UGA for a year; Jordan and I are in Atlanta, and Allie—one of my best friends since pre-school—has moved to New York City. With my birthday coming up, the only thing that I want is a round trip ticket to visit her. Jordan comes through, and I am over the moon ecstatic to visit my best friend who I haven’t seen in 5 months (not to mention, this will be my first time visiting New York City). This is shaping up to one heck of a girls weekend!

After a fun-filled Friday night, and hours of sightseeing and bus-touring on Saturday, it is time for dinner Saturday evening. Allie and her roommate Nancy have been top-notch hostesses all weekend, and that was before I knew just how much they were doing for me behind the scenes. They tell me that after dinner, we are going to a promenade beneath the Brooklyn Bridge because “it has the best view of the skyline, and we can take a ton of touristy skyline pictures.” It is also during dinner that I tell them my suspicions of a Memorial Day weekend proposal (I find out later that Jordan had been intentionally dropping hints that he was going to propose two weeks later when we would be at the beach with my family, to throw me off of his actual plans), and they don’t even crack a smile.

Jordan, as far as I know, is in Athens (where UGA is located) enjoying a boys weekend; he even has a Facebook status to back up his alibi! In reality, he flew out of Atlanta at 8:00 that morning and landed in New York as I was finishing brunch. He spent the day with his friend Keyne, who lives in Brooklyn, sightseeing, planning the proposal, receiving free nerve-calming beverages from various bartenders, and dodging every single tour bus he saw for risk of me spotting him. May I add that he, also, had never been to New York City?

Allie, Nancy and I arrive at the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade (over an hour later than “planned,” though I did not know this), and take pictures, as I thought was the whole point. The area resembles a boardwalk, and as we continue down it, I see a man in the distance, holding flowers. My first thought is, “What a sweet guy!” And then that sweet guy begins to walk, and I immediately register that he is MY sweet guy.

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I instantly start crying as I run toward him; and though I know in my heart why he is there, I can’t help the shock in my head as I ask, “Are you really here? What’s going on? Is this real?” Apparently he had been practicing a speech for weeks, but as I badger him with nonsense questions, he simply hands me the flowers, kisses me, and gets down on one knee. “I love you, and I always will. Please, will you marry me?” Of course I say yes, and what better city to celebrate in than NYC?!

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After calling our family and close friends from the car that Jordan had waiting, we pop champagne in the gorgeous Bryant Park, and then spend the evening in Times Square, where Jordan has booked a hotel room. After reconvening with Allie and Nancy for a celebratory brunch the next day, we head to the airport—where it turns out he has even gotten on the same flight home as me!

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Not only was Jordan’s proposal a true and wonderful surprise, but it could not have been any more perfect. The weather report for NYC that weekend was 70-80% chance of rain all weekend, yet it only rained for 5 minutes Saturday afternoon. And the fact that neither of us had ever been to the city? I am just so grateful for the friends that helped to make it happen and the fiancé that was wonderful enough to carry it out.

So yes, I did get my perfect skyline pictures on the most perfect night of my life; and two weeks later on Memorial Day weekend, we were able to share this story and spend quality time with my friends and family, toasting to New York and a new chapter in our life together.

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