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How We Met: I love telling this story. I was a freshman in college and Jeff was a sophomore. It was the weekend that our school, Texas A&M University, was playing Arkansas and the game was in Dallas at Cowboy’s Stadium. I came to the game with several of my friends and we al spent the weekend there. After the game, a few of us went over to a friend’s house to hang out for a little while. I noticed Jeff immediately. We all were talking and joking around, but Jeff was the only one who really “got” my humor –I’m a little on the sarcastic/dry wit side of things. After a while, we kind of naturally split off from the group, sat down and talked for a few hours. It was one of the best conversations I’ve ever had. We had such unique and wonderful things in common and really enjoyed each other. The night ended and naturally I left having the biggest crush EVER on Jeffrey! Well, it took us about a year to get our act together, but we finally started dating the next November.




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how they asked: Okay, this is my favorite story to tell. Early in the fall semester, my Mom called my sisters and I to tell us we were going on a girl’s trip to New York City to visit my other, who lives there, and bringing my 3-month-old nephew. I was ecstatic and totally clueless. I knew Jeff was going to propose sometime that fall, but I always blocked off my New York weekend as the weekend it wouldn’t happen. My mom, sisters, nephew and I got to NYC on a Thursday and enjoyed the evening with my sister’s boyfriend. All of Friday aswe shopped, saw Colin Farrell filming a movie and enjoyed ourselves, I was talking to Jeff and he told me he’d decided to take a spontaneous trip with his college roommates to Auburn for the football game. He went so far as to call me that night and say his phone was dying, but as soon as they got to Alabama he’d charge it and call me… the truth that was he was sitting in his apartment watching a movie and scared to talk to me so he just turned off his phone, set an alarm for 1 am and then turned it back on to leave me a voicemail that “they’d just gotten to Auburn and he was so tired, but he’d try to call in the morning.” Man, he’s good.

This is where the story gets interesting… on Saturday morning I woke up to a 102-degree fever and I could barely swallow. I’d later find out I had pneumonia. My mom and sisters somehow stayed calm, but went to the pharmacy and came back to pump me full of every drug possible. I was in bed all day and when it was getting close to time to go to dinner they told me to suck it up because it was our last night in NYC. I somehow managed to do my hair, makeup and put on a dress and heels. They told me before dinner we were going to take pictures on a rooftop overlooking Central Park. Needless to say, I was not too happy about this. Hear I am: sicker than a dog, in a dress and heels and they’re wanting me to climb up on a ROOF. I was texting Jeff the entire time telling how stupid and ridiculous this was… he was agreeing.

We took the elevator to the top floor then climbed the staircase to the opening onto the roof. My sisters and mom managed to somehow get me to the front of the group so that I was the one who opened the door. Once I did, I was greeted by a photographer, videographer, flowers, candles, the most beautiful view and my love, Jeffrey. He has seriously never looked so cute. I’m assuming the plan was for me to walk over to him, but I was frozen. It finally got to the point where he had to come physically take my arms and help me move. All I kept saying was “Hi!” and laughing. I wish I could tell you exactly what he said in the moments that followed, but I did the typical “girl getting proposed to blackout” and don’t remember a thing. I do remember that he said, “Will you be my wife?” instead of “will you marry me?” and I love that. He got on one knee, popped the question and I’m pretty sure I said, “yes” about six times. Mind you, I still have pneumonia at this point, so our time on the chilly roof was cut a little short. We sat on the stairs inside and just talked, looked at the ring and he shared all his planning and scheming. We went to dinner with my family, which was so special, had a dance party in our hotel room and then ended up on top of the Empire State Building! It was such a special time and, even with a little sickness, I wouldn’t change a single detail.


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