New Year's Eve Proposal

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How We Met: It was the summer after my Junior year of high school. I had just returned from a 6 week study in Costa Rica when I went to visit friends. Alain (like a-lawn-mower) was there but I had never met him. There was something about him, he caught my eye, but it wasn’t until later that we were introduced. Over the next two years we became best friends. We did everything together. He would even sing “Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson to me and say “One day we are going to live together and I’m going to cook you banana pancakes!”

After losing touch for a while, he came to visit me. He wanted to show me his new car and from there we picked up right where we left off. About a month into hanging out we, along with some friends, went to Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights. I was “scared” so Alain grabbed my hand and never let go. The rest is beautiful history!

how they asked: The week of Christmas we started looking at rings. A lot of my friends were convinced it would happen on Christmas day but I knew it wouldn’t. Alain always wanted to make sure we found a ring that I liked, something he knew would be perfect.

The friday before new years, he was telling some of our closest friends about his “New Years Eve proposal plan” and one misunderstood who was popping the question. Hearing the wrong name, she ran over to me, and told me that some of our friends were getting engaged on new years eve with all of us there. I was so incredibly excited! Since we were all spending new years together, it would be such a beautiful way to celebrate 2013.

New Years Eve day came and I was so excited to be sharing in this special day with our friends. After 2 hours of sifting through my closet to find something “NYE appropriate” I couldn’t find a thing to wear. Alain decided we would go shopping and see what we could find… anyone who knows my fiancé, KNOWS he doesn’t do shopping, but somehow I didn’t catch on to his plan. With no luck shopping, I put an outfit together and we were off for the night! Besides, I wasn’t the one being proposed to, or so I thought!

We had a wonderful dinner with friends and then all went downtown to ring in the new year. As the 10 second count down began, I watched the pineapple, looking back and forth at my friend whom I thought was about to propose. I was oblivious to anything else. As the pineapple dropped, I felt a tap and then heard a scream. I turned around to see the love of my life on one knee, holding the ring, asking, “Will you make me the happiest man in the world?” It was the most incredible, exciting, emotional moment of my life.

I squealed, cried and said SHUT UP! But more importantly, I of course said YES!

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We shared our happiness with some of our closest friends, even having some of his family come out to congratulate us.

My friend, who had heard the wrong name, felt so incredibly bad, but I keep reassuring her, even now, that it was the best possible out come. If she hadn’t told me our other friend was proposing maybe I would have read more into the signs, looking at rings, him wanting to go shopping for me, even hiding the ring under my BED!!!

Here’s the video (proposal around 2:58)

It was the absolute perfect way to “ring” in the new year! I couldn’t be happier to start the year off right with my new fiancé.

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