New Ring on that Finger? Here's Something to Think About

When you’ve got something new and shiny on your hand, it’s hard not to flash that thing around wherever you go. You’re so ecstatic that if it didn’t weigh you down so much (wink!), who knows what would stop you from actually floating up to cloud nine?!

While your grin is shining as bright as your rock itself, don’t forget that insuring that new engagement ring should be the first thing you think about when you come back down to earth.

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The easiest way to do it is with Jewelers Mutual, who has been protecting jewelry for over 100 years. Their Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance is a great option for newly engaged couples (especially if you plan to grow that jewelry collection together over the years!).

So, we asked Jewelers Mutual why it’s important to insure your engagement ring and here’s what we learned:

1. Most obviously: it was a huge investment – but not just monetarily. It took time, effort and a ton of thought to search out that ring!

2. Not only is it one heck of a gem, but it’s what the man of your dreams popped the question with. It represents a moment in time (the best moment in time if you ask us) and that symbolism is so worth protecting.

3. Gone are the days that you lock up your prized possessions. Insure your favorite things and wear them whenever, wherever. There’s no reason you can’t wear your ring all day every day, ladies!

If we haven’t convinced you enough, you can learn more about Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance, get a quote, or even apply today. It’s a no-brainer for us (after all, we’re in the business), but for those who don’t think about engagement rings day in and day out, we wanted to start the conversation!

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Those of you who have a shiner, have you insured it yet? Feel free to discuss in our comment section below.

Photo 1 by Liz Fogarty // Photo 2 by Katie Boink