She may have been expecting the puppy for her birthday, but she wasn't expecting THIS...


how we met

Shane and I have been together for almost 5 years now. We met at a drive-through coffee shop I used to work at, he would come see me everyday. He left the state for work shortly after we met so we added each other on Facebook and started messaging back and forth. We talked the whole 3 months he was gone and when he came back home, he asked me out on his birthday!

The past 2 years we have been talking about marriage, and of course I was “patiently” waiting for the proposal. I always thought that I would know when It was coming because I figured Shane would act differently or be super nervous. (Boy was I wrong.) Shane ordered the ring in May of 2015 and kept it a secret (didn’t even tell his best friend or family). He proposed in August. I have no idea how he kept it from me that long, especially after all the pestering I did! He said he didn’t know how he wanted to propose so he was waiting for the perfect idea to come up.

how they asked

It all started with me begging for a puppy months before my birthday. I knew I wanted a Chocolate lab and already had her name picked out. All the way up to my birthday, he made me believe that there were no puppies for sale and that he couldn’t find any in state. It’s the day of my birthday, Aug 26th, and Shane breaks it to me that my gift did not arrive in the mail. I was so upset. I love surprises, so my birthday is a big deal.

A couple days after my birthday, still no present in the mail. However, my best friend picked me up for a coffee date and I saw a basket full of puppy treats, toys, etc. In the back seat. I asked Lauren with a huge smile on my face and asked her what those were for… long story short, she’s an awful liar. I knew right away that Shane had gotten the dog and that it made sense that he didn’t have her the day of my birthday, knowing that she probably wasn’t old enough to leave the momma.

After coffee, I went home and told him I knew, he tried so hard to convince me otherwise, but he ended up giving in and telling me. It was the next day that him and his cousin drove 3 hours to pick her up. Sitting in class knowing he was driving back home with my little puppy was the hardest thing. I get home from class and our friends Josh and Tiffany were there, they told me that they wanted to see my reaction from the puppy. I figured it was normal for them wanting to be there because they knew I would bawl my eyes out! I’m obsessed with anything in baby form, haha.


So Shane’s truck pulls up in the driveway of our house and I fly off the couch and can already feel the emotions rolling. The second I see her, I lose it. I’m bawling my eyes out because she is so cute and I can’t believe I got her. I was shaking with so much happiness.



Shane kept telling me to look at her name tag, he finally turned her collar so I could see it, and I see the ring that I designed in my head… on her collar. I could not believe it. I could not believe that he remembered and had the ring made. My knees instantly buckle and I’m bawling even more. My eyes were so full of tears, I couldn’t see him get down on his knee. I couldn’t even breath to say yes!


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