The New Diamond Cut with the Bigger Look

Let’s cut to the chase: Diamonds are expensive and most of us are interested in getting the biggest one we can afford. So what if we told you it was possible to get what looks like a three-carat standard cut diamond for almost half of the cost of one? You’d sign right up just like the rest of us!

Enter Christopher Designs and the company’s unique diamond cutting technique that truly gives you more bang for your buck.

To explain, let’s back up a bit and go back to diamond basics.

First, it’s important to make the distinction between “shape” and “cut.” Shape refers to the stone’s outward appearance. If it looks round, you’d call the shape round. Cut, on the other hand, has to do with the facets, angles, and proportions of how the stone is actually cut, all of which can greatly affect its shine (called “brilliance” in the diamond world). A stone cutter’s challenge is to master these proportions, facets, and angles so that the diamond reflects as much light out of the top (“table”) as possible. The more light that’s reflected from the top, the higher the cut grade – and the more valuable the diamond.

For ages, most jewelers have cut diamonds using similar techniques, but we discovered one jewelry craftsman who spent years perfecting his patented cutting technique called L’Amour Crisscut. Not only are the resulting stones beautiful and brilliant, but they’re also substantially more affordable than generic diamond cuts.

Christopher Slowinski’s L’Amour Crisscut stones are shallower than traditionally cut stones. Because the price of a diamond is highly dependent on its total carat weight, a shallower cut diamond decreases the overall weight – and its cost. So how do they do that without affecting the diamond’s appearance? It’s all thanks to the technique Slowinski mastered that disperses most of the weight toward the top of the stone, making the diamond surface appear a lot larger.

In addition, the L’Amour Crisscut technique – which literally crisscrosses facets so that light continually bounces off of them – allows a greater amount of light to be reflected, which, as mentioned before, makes the diamond look brighter and more beautiful.

To break it down, a 1-carat L’Amour Crisscut diamond, costing around 9K, has the same surface area as that of a 1.50-carat generic cut diamond costing around 13K.

Now, let’s see a few of these diamonds in action.

Christopher Designs’ L’Amour Crisscut diamond is available in a wide range of sizes and 5 shapes including the round-cornered rectangle, cushion, oval, pear and heart shape.

This sponsored post is happily brought to you by Christopher Designs.