Neshadi and Buddhi

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How We Met

Its actually quite funny how we met because throughout our lives we kind of knew each other throughout our lives growing up (I guess the Sri Lankan society I grew up is close knit). We didnt know but we lived near each other, went to the similar dance classes growing up and growing up I only knew him as the “smart kid” as he was extremely intelligent. However, one fine day one of our closest friends ask him to join a dance group that I was arranging for. Luckily for us, he said yes to join and when i first met him i thought he was weird and really cold (i was wrong). We slowly started to spend time at a random university event because we both really bored and for some reason we bonded music and how much we hated country music.

I was complaining that i was stuck with him cause my best friend had ditched me cause she was in the honeymoon phase with her boyfriend (they had been dating for two week, they also met through the dance group too!). During, the night we felt something and it felt magical and most importantly different. A couple of days later, we spoke on fb arranging to go out a movie not having any idea what would happen but on the day we decided that we liked each other too much and decided that this was something special to pass on!. I guess the rest is history and Buddhi will always my first and last love! And 5 years later, I’m gonna be spending the rest of my life with him!

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how they asked

I think us getting engaged was on the cards as we had been talking about the past couple of months, cause we knew we wanted to get married and want to spend the rest of our lives together. However, I did not know when it was happening or what was going on (which i think is the best). He was being super cheeky, he was doing random surprises every week because he didn’t want me to know when it was happening (which i think is so sweet) and he wanted it to be a complete surprise. On the day, he was like “I’ve got something for you, just be patient”, i was thinking maybe he’ll do it today but I didn’t think that only he did this a lot so it wasn’t new to me. Anyway, I wait for him to come get me and all of a sudden after I’ve dressed I’m waiting for him to come get but he gives me a call saying to come in a taxi that he’s arranged for me to come to the place where he is.

At this point I am very confused no idea wheres going on, the taxi driver asks me in the car whats going on but I don’t even know! ( i don’t even know the location at this point either). I get to the location and this beautiful field and its so amazing with a view!. I don’t see him so I call him and climbs the hill to get me. At this point I’m wearing heels and a dress (as i thought we were going to a restaurant) and it was so hard to walk in the rocks and to keep my balance. However, I noticed Buddhi was quite nervous and trying to make talk hahahaa. We finally get to the bottom of the hill, and he’s put out photos of our relationship and he beings to tells tell the moments we’ve shared over the 5 years together and it was so beautiful I nearly started to cry! He as going on about how he wants to spend the rest of my life with me and he beings to get on one knee and ask “will you do the honor of marrying?”.

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I was like half shocked and full of happiness and of course i said “YES”!. I had no idea but there was a photographer capturing the entire moment and we took some amazing shots after!

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Special Thanks

lecinda ward
 | photography