Nellie and Justin

Image 1 of Nellie and Justin

How We Met

We are both State Troopers and we met in the Maryland State Police Academy. We were classmates and good friends in the academy and after we graduated. We remained friends through work and when I became single, Justin claimed “I had no idea what was coming”.

how they asked

We were on vacation we had spent about 5 days between Salem and Boston and ended our last 2 days in Portland, Maine. On our last day on our trip in Maine Justin suggested we go see the Portland Head Lighthouse. When we got there we walked around a little then Justin asked if I wanted someone to take our picture with the light house in the background. There was no one around us so he walked over and asked a small group of people if someone would take our picture. Unknown to me he told them when he was walking over that he was going to propose. So they took the picture and then Justin got down on one knee and the lady was able to catch the perfect pictures. Unfortunately I was unable to get their names but I was crying the sweet woman who took the pictures was crying it was all very special.

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Image 3 of Nellie and Justin