Neli and Kenneth

How We Met

Kenneth and I met CycleBar and an indoor cycling studio in Washington D.C. He was leaving for a golf trip with friends over the weekend and shared that he was hiring a dog walker. I offered to dog-sit his pup, Kallie, since I lived right down the street and I guess that’s when our story began. If you ask Kenneth, that is when we started dating but I would say otherwise since nothing was “official” despite the fact that I had a key to his apartment from the day we met. We spent a few months “unofficially dating” until we planned a cruise over New Year’s Eve when Kenneth finally understood that he had to officially ask me to be his girlfriend.

How They Asked

I am currently in law school so life is pretty hectic. Every time Kenneth and I discussed engagement or marriage he told me that he would likely propose after I am done with school. I believed him until he started asking a lot of ring and proposal questions which raised my suspicions that it will definitely happen before school is over.

We planned a trip to Lisbon, Portugal over my spring break during which we can also celebrate Kenneth’s birthday. We were both super excited but extremely anxious at the same time as Corona was unfolding. At that time canceling our flights or hotels without losing our money was not an option and there were no restrictions for our travel so we decided to carry on with our trip as planned.

Proposal Ideas Lisbon, Portugal

We arrived in Lisbon the day after Kenneth’s birthday and I had planned a nice dinner with drinks overlooking the city at sunset to celebrate. Our Uber dropped us off down the street from the location and I started walking towards the bar with the view that I had found. Kenneth suggested that we walk around the corner where apparently there was a nice view of the city and I did not think anything of it. There were a ton of tourists and locals taking photos from the spot and a couple approached me to take their picture and offered to take ours after. I took their photos and after I handed them my phone to take our picture, Kenneth was down on one knee.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Lisbon, Portugal

The tourists whose photo I took were actually the photographers Kenneth had hired. Apparently he had been in communication with them for months. He managed to keep them updated on our arrival time to make sure it was at sunset and he hid the ring in a coffee cup so I wouldn’t notice the ring box in his pocket. He also thought ahead to schedule an engagement photo shoot with them a few days later.

We celebrated with a nice dinner and a few days exploring Lisbon before we had to cut our trip short because of the Coronavirus. We are currently both in quarantine but I couldn’t be happier to be quarantined with my FIANCE!!

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