Neisha and Enrique

Image 1 of Neisha Angelica and Enrique

How We Met

We met while working at Universal Studios Orlando.

How They Asked

I thought we were only going on a date after being quarantined at home for so many months. We are a traditional couple and live separately for the past 5 years. I got ready for our date and my mom and sisters were pushing me to make sure my hair and nails were perfect. They even told a family hairstylist to ask me to be his “model”. So finally we had reservations for 8:45 but he picked me up at 7, in my head I thought “this place must be really far,” but it wasn’t we got off the highway at downtown. He said “oh, we are early why don’t we walk around a bit” so we got down and started walking around the lake which we had done before, he even put his GoPro on his wrist which I spotted was strange as well as I had seen my mom and dad the park prior to us getting out of the car. When we arrive at a spot he reminded me he had taken a time laps video there to appreciate the beauty of Orlando and I said “it’s weird you brought me here,” as I noted candles in the shape of a heart on the ground. He tells me “none of this is weird or random, everything has been placed specifically for you. God created man and women and he asked us to procreate. I would like to live a life with you as He created us to do, will you marry me.”