Nehal and Naveen

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How We Met

Naveen and I met on Hinge 4 years ago – he was moving to San Francisco for work from New Jersey and I was living in San Francisco. The first thing we ever connected on was who our favorite Marvel superhero was (we both agreed, Iron Man.) We had been texting and talking a little bit before he officially moved but finally met in-person his second week in SF. It was an absolute instant connection, one of our first dates ever was scootering around Pier 39 and eating cookie dough. I remember us just feeling at home with each other so easily. We spent every weekend after that date together and 6 months later he asked me to be his girlfriend and it’s been an amazing journey together since.

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How They Asked

Apparently, this proposal was 6 months in the making but here’s how it all went down:

Naveen works in Paris and has to fly out for work once a quarter to visit his team. I was planning a Europe trip for the summer around August since I’d been wanting to go since pre-pandemic and Naveen mentioned he had a work event on August 7th. His company was going through a round of funding and he was winning an award, he asked if we could plan the Europe trip around his big event. At first, I was annoyed, I’ve already been to Paris and it’s so out of the way to go there for one event on a Sunday but I also understand this was a big deal for his company and I wanted to support him.

Leading up to his work event, he asked me to get a purple outfit since his company’s brand colors were changing and I didn’t think anything of it – he loves to match his tie color to my outfit, always!

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The day before his work event, we were talking about doing a photo shoot in Paris since we had never done one before and we were already going to be dressed up for his work event, so why not? It all worked out the day of, and we could take street-style photos around Paris and then head to his work event after.

As we got to his work event, I was a little confused as to why it was outside by the Eiffel tower but he said it was actually on a boat in front of the Eiffel tower. I was so shocked but excited to meet his co-workers and have a super fun night.

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I walked down the stairs towards the Eiffel tower and saw my entire family, Naveen’s entire family, and 15 of my closest friends cheering. I started bawling because I knew what this was.

I turn towards the Eiffel Tower and there’s a huge sign that says “MARRY ME” and Naveen got down on one knee and proposed to me. It was the most magical day ever.

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What came after was even more impressive – a dinner with all of our family and friends, bottles at a really cool club in Paris, and a trip to Croatia with all my friends.

I still pinch myself as I think about this moment.

We said OUI in PARI.

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