Neha and Milan

Image 1 of Neha and Milan

How We Met

We met while we were both in medical school – but in different cities! Between Boston and Washington DC, we studied together over Skype, ate dinners together at our desks talking about our dreams, life, family and of course, medicine. Every vacation or free weekend we had (which happened only every couple of months) would be spent flying to each other. Sometimes, our schedules were so different that we would stay on Skype while one of us would sleep while the other did work and vice versa, just so we could spend some time together. We did this for years and hoped and prayed that we could finally be in the same city one day. In 2017, our dreams finally came true, when we started our residencies together in beautiful San Francisco!

how they asked

Since moving to the city, we spent our free days exploring the Bay Area together, and on this particular Saturday, we had planned on spending the day in Sausalito. As we drove up North through the Golden Gate Bridge, we eventually found our way to a beautiful view of the San Francisco skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge. It was the city that had finally brought us together over the years and hundreds of hours of long distance. He told me to wait there, while he went to get my Valentine’s Day gift. As I saw him coming back, he was carrying a large white box. I had no idea what was inside but I soon found out as he got down on one knee and opened the box to reveal a big heart-shaped box of gold and white roses with a ring in the middle!!! As he proposed, cars drove by of families, grandparents, and groups of friends and they rolled down their windows and gave us a round of applause as I said yes!

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