Neesh and Austin

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How We Met

Austin and I first met in 2013 at church when I was looking for a certain part of the building and couldn’t seem to find it. He came up to me, said I looked lost and asked if I needed help, so we walked up and down the hallway until we eventually reached the place I was looking for. We both remember that first meeting – I thought he was really friendly and he says he was drawn to me for some reason. Over the next 2.5 years, we were acquaintances, he asked me out and I said no, I moved from Fort Worth to Dallas for a year, then I moved back to Fort Worth and we lived across the street from each other, we served on the same team at church, he asked me out again and I said no, we were friends, we had some conflict about silly things, we started becoming closer friends, then I started to like Austin, but I thought there was no way he would ask me out again. Then, in March of 2016 he asked me out and I said yes. From that point on, we dated for 4 months and it was better than I could have imagined and knew it truly was a gift from God that we had started to date when we did – because His timing is always perfect.

how they asked

I woke up on Friday August 5, 2016 and had no idea that I was getting engaged that day. We had talked about marriage, attended pre-marital class at our church and he had even asked for my ring size earlier that week, but little did I know that he had been planning the proposal for the last month. Starting in the beginning of July, Austin had begun talking to my family and friends about proposing and putting together a team of people to pull this special day off. He had flown out to California the weekend before (I thought he was in East Texas for a work trip…) to spend time with my parents and brother and ask for my hand in marriage. He had been talking to my roommates in order to find out what my ring size was, so when he asked earlier that week, it was only to confirm what he already knew. He talked to people I care deeply about and made it possible for them to be a part of the weekend (both in person and from afar). He even had a friend find a complete stranger to call me pretending to be a receptionist in order to reschedule an appointment I had scheduled for that Friday in Dallas. He had made arrangements for the proposal to be at Bass Hall, planned a post-proposal dinner with our closest family and friends and all I knew was that we were planning on going on a double date that night with our friends Katie and Blake. Or so I thought…

I didn’t really talk to Austin that whole day, other than a few text messages here and there. My day was filled with meeting my friend Britt for coffee (who ended up being a HUGE part of the entire weekend!), running errands and then getting ready for our date that night. Austin picked me up at my house and we were driving to downtown Fort Worth to meet our friends at the Bird Cafe. We pulled into the parking garage and I noticed that he was walking in front of my down the stairs, which I noticed was odd, but didn’t think too much of it.

We walked out of the parking garage and my friend Katie was standing on the corner of Bass Hall instead of meeting us inside the restaurant. I didn’t realize what was going on until we got to Katie and Austin looked at me, said that we were not going on a double date, but doing something way more special and walked away. Katie asked if I knew what was happening and I said “Is he proposing??” and she confirmed my suspicion! From that point on, Katie walked me to the entrance of Bass Hall where I began the most special walk of going from group to group full of people who I love (my co-workers from when I first moved to Fort Worth, my community groups from our church, my best friends from college and then my parents and brother – all a surprise and had no idea they were in town!).

Each group shared memories, encouragement and excitement with me as I moved closer and closer to seeing Austin. Katie walked with me the whole day and kept asking how I was doing. He had thought of every detail and I felt so cared for along the way. Once I had hugged, laughed and shared a few moments with my family, Katie passed me off to my dad and he took me into the main part of Bass Hall and this is where it all became so real. My dad opened the door and I saw Austin standing on the stage, surrounded by candles and flowers. I was walked down the aisle towards him and kept thinking “This is really happening!”. My dad hugged both of us and left Austin and I alone in a huge theater with hundreds of empty chairs.

The words that were shared from the moment I stepped on that stage to Austin getting down on one knee were incredibly special, but the once sentence I remember vividly was “I choose you”. This was particularly meaningful to me because I had struggled with the idea of being chosen for the rest of my life, but it was a reminder that not only was I being chosen by Austin as his wife, but that God had first and foremost chosen me, which is more than enough. You can guess what happened next, but Austin got down on one knee, asked if I would marry him and I of course said yes! It was one of the most joyous and surreal moments of my life, which I hope I never forget. He then shared that a friend of his was actually behind the curtain and he was going to come out and play a song that they had written for this very moment.

Colby pulled out his guitar, sang a beautifully written song and Austin and I danced on the stage of Bass Hall. It was unreal. After the song ended and it all started to settle in, our friends who had been photographing came out screaming, took a few more photos and then said they were leaving. Little did I know, Austin (and a team of amazing friends!) and planned many more surprises that weekend – dinner with our family and friends right after all of this happened, an engagement brunch the next day with some of my best girl friends, a video montage of people who could not be with us that weekend and so many other thoughtful aspects that added up to being truly the most special weekend of my life. I have never felt more loved in my entire life and it was the easiest answer to say ‘yes’ to choosing Austin every single day spending the rest of our lives together.

Special Thanks

Britt Latz
 | Photographed, planned so many details, MVP of the weekend!