Nedra and Casey

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How We Met

Casey and I love Disneyland, and we always have. Last August, we moved to Southern California – exactly fifteen minutes away from the Happiest Place on Earth. So naturally, we decided to splurge and get ourselves Annual Passes so that we would be able to visit the parks whenever we wanted.

A couple of weeks ago on our weekly Friday night Disney date night, we discovered this spot that we’d weirdly never noticed before. It was quiet and adorable. To get to the area, there was a small wooden bridge with pink hearts that you had to cross. There was a fountain, we had a perfect view of the castle, and there were gorgeous flowers planted everywhere. In the middle of this area was a wishing well full of coins that get collected by Disney and donated to children’s charities. After looking it up, we discovered that this sweet little area was called Snow White’s Grotto, and it was an area of the park that Walt Disney himself had a hand in designing.

Every year in Disneyland, there’s an unofficial event called “Dapper Day”, where people get dolled up and dressed in 1920s style clothing and go to the parks. We have always wanted to go to Dapper Day, but we realized we would be out of town for Dapper Day this year. So we decided to have our own! My wonderful friend Alex, who used to work at Disneyland, found out about our Faux Dapper Day and offered to be our ‘private photographer’ for the day too. I was so excited to tell Casey that that she wanted to do this for us. Little did I know, her and Casey had been texting back and forth for weeks planning the surprise proposal!

how they asked

On our Faux Dapper Day, we were walking towards Sleeping Beauty’s castle and Alex saw her “friend” who she claimed to have worked with during her Disney days. The “friend” – Danielle – was working as a photographer at the castle, so we ran over to her. After talking about our day for a little while, Danielle asked us if we wanted to get some pictures on her nice Disney camera. We happily agreed. However, the front of the castle was pretty packed, so we moved to the side of the castle where Snow White’s Grotto was, as per Danielle’s suggestion. As we were taking pictures, Casey gave me the most loving look. He then asks, “Babe? You know much I love you, right?” I told him that of course I did, and I loved him too. As we were talking, we were still getting posed by Danielle. But then he said a sentence that made my heart flutter. With a shaky voice, he told me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. My head was resting against his chest at this point, and I felt his heart begin to race. Danielle then interrupted and asked him to put one hand behind his back, and the other out to the side so I could link arms with him. We took a picture or two in that pose, and then he slowly turned to face me. He got down on one knee, moved the hand he had behind his back to reveal a small box in his hand, and asked me to marry him. He opened the box, and my heart skipped a beat because inside the box was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. To our surprise, we then heard cheers from across the water. People from the other side of the castle were watching and filming us. I looked up at them, and then back at Casey, with tears in my eyes, saying yes about twenty times. It was the most magical moment of my life, and I’ll never forget it.

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Special Thanks

Alex Marsella
 | Planning
Danielle, Disneyland Cast Member
 | Photographer