Nazila and Martin

How We Met

We met online after Marty arrived in Bremerton, WA on the USS Houston. I took the ferry to him (from Seattle) since I’m the one who had messaged him first. We initially planned to get coffee, but then ended up walking around the Port of Bremerton garden fountain area, then grabbed some drinks at the Bremerton Bar & Grill. After a while we walked and talked some more, and decided to get dinner at an Italian restaurant in Manette, which was one of the only places open. On the walk back over the Manette bridge, Marty put his arm out for me. I was confused since no one has ever done that, and he asked me if he was being too presumptuous! Quite a gentleman :) We walked and talked some more and I grabbed the 11:30pm ferry back to Seattle. Before getting on the ferry he gave me a quick little kiss. We spent 7 hours together on our first date, and have spent countless hours together since!

how they asked

We had actually started wedding planning before he proposed because Marty is a junior officer in the Navy and we’ll be moving this summer, so we needed to be practical. He had picked up the ring that day and put it in his Navy uniform pants’ pocket. He wanted to take me to the romantic Italian restaurant in Bremerton we ended up at on our first date (He had just arrived on a submarine the week before our first date, so he didn’t know the area well. We initially got coffee but after 5 hours of talking and walking we got hungry and found the restaurant by accident). However, he was so excited that he couldn’t wait, and while I was in his room, I saw him grab the pants from the ground and rummage through them; then came over and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Maybe it’s not the most “romantic” sounding story, but he was so elated and I love that.

Image 1 of Nazila and Martin