Nazanin and Milad


How We Met

It was November 25 2013 when I decided to make a dating website account.. lame I know. Anyways I made the account and was waiting for my pictures to get approved, it took a good couple of days. On thanksgiving day I decided to check my account to see if anyone has messaged me, and I found a couple creepy messages and blocked them, till I saw a message from Milad.. it looked pretty detailed so I decided to read it. We exchanged a whole lot of messages till I decided to text him with the number he provided me. It was December 10th when he told me he has a surprise for me, and with him being from Missouri and me being from Pennsylvania I kinda knew he was insisting on seeing each other. Sure, we Facetimed and whatnot but meeting face to face was a whole lot of nerves!!

Anyways he said he’s going to come see me for New Years and I was sooooo excited!! I went to the airport on Dec 31st with my hand and legs shaking because I didn’t know what would happen! while waiting for him to come through the gates it felt like time would not pass!! It was the longest wait of my whole entire 25 years of living!! When he walked through the gate I hugged him so tight it felt as though we’ve known each other for ages! We clicked over the phone and FaceTime but being able to click face to face was a huge plus! My nervousness went away and I felt calm and excited at the same time!!

We went out for sushi then we went to my house for him to meet my parents! My parents are super cool and they were so excited to meet him it was a huge plus that we’re both Persian. We then went to watch fireworks in Philadelphia and it was so magical! He asked me what my perfect proposal would be and I said I always wanted to get engaged in Paris! Long story short he saw me and we dated long distance for one year, he would visit me once a month and I would visit him once every three months. After one year he moved to Pennsylvania to be with me, and I kept on waiting for a proposal whenever we went out on dates!! Every time I mentioned it he said he would propose after medical school – that meant not for another 5 years! But we loved each other so much it didn’t even matter to me anymore. It would happen when ever it would.


how they asked

So it was a pretty sunny day in may of 2015 when Milad told me that we were going to go to Paris in June! I was so excited yet also disappointed because I always wanted to get engaged in Paris and Milad had told me 100 times that he’ll propose after he finished medical school, and I accepted it. Athough I’m very stubborn and usually tend to get what I want, one day we went to the mall and I took him to Helzberg Diamond and wanted to look at jewelry. The lady assumed we were looking for rings and I just went with it and started looking at them. I saw one and it took my breath away!! I knew that was it, but we walked out empty handed and I was reminded by Milad, that he’ll propose after medical school.

Ok back to May, so my mom took me shopping for clothing for our trip to Paris and we bought a whole bunch of dresses, hats, shoes, and jewelry. She kept on insisting for me to buy a dance white dress and I finally gave in because I wanted the red one… So June came pretty fast, and we were on the plane to go to Paris! It was a super fun plane ride and I tend to get really giggly in the airplane so we had a blast!! When we arrived we went to this beautiful hotel in the backyard of the Eiffel Tower- The Pullman Hotel. I didn’t know it was super elite and well known until I stepped foot in there.. it was breathtakingly beautiful. We got dressed and headed to the Eiffel Tower and it was amazing!! We ate and walked and started planning our days. He told me he reserved a table to have dinner on the Eiffel Tower at 58 Tour Eiffel on the 27th, as well as a cruise and The Moulin Rouge.


I was so excited and decided to wear my white dress that night! We went to The Louvre, Norte Dame, many restaurants, trying new foods, and those two story busses! We learned our way through the metro system and just had a blast!! Finally the 27th arrived and in the morning we went on a tour to the top of the Eiffel Tower and headed back to the hotel to get dressed for the night to begin! Milad was a bit nervous and I was confused and kept on asking him to see if he’s ok? I was getting worried because he kept on saying he’s ok but he was really pale. He wore a really nice tux and the same shirt as he wore when we first went on a date.. he said “it’s the last time I’m wearing this shirt as your boyfriend” and it went over my head and I thought he was going to break up with me… I started getting uneasy and we headed for the car that was picking us up. We had dinner and it was amazing! We then headed for our cruise and Milad was still so nervous!!!


The cruise was amazing and Milad kept on standing up and sitting down, at this point I gave up on trying to find out what’s bothering him. After the cruise we went to the Moulin Rouge and it was so beautiful! I drank so much champagne that I just remember getting back on the bus and getting off to go walk at the Eiffel Tower but it was 2 in the morning, but I was tipsy so I didn’t care. We met this family and they walked with us and Milad asked them to take a picture of us in front of the tower… then he got down on one knee and started crying, I froze.

I literally froze I couldn’t move I couldn’t speak I just said stop because I didn’t know if he was being serious or if he was messing with me since he’s a huge jokester!! He showed me the ring and it was MY RING!! I started crying, not just ugly tears but LOUD tears!!! It was honestly the best night of my life! I also got his clue about the shirt after he proposed!!!