Nazanin and Brian

Image 1 of Nazanin and Brian

How We Met

We met in eye doctor school, we are both optometrists. It was funny because Nazanin never thought she would date an optometrist. Here she is now engaged and getting married to one next year! They met at a tailgating event help by their friends in Chicago, Illinois.

how they asked

Nazanin and Brian were on vacation in Ireland. They had planned to take a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher, the most east coast part of the island. They’d been super lucky with weather their entire trip until the day of the Cliffs. On their way up, Nazanin noticed Brian kept checking the weather on his phone, and each time it said 90% chance of rain with fog. Nazanin was starting to get suspicious why he cared about the weather so much, he’s never been the type to check the weather. They reached the Cliffs and the fog was so low over the Atlantic Ocean, you couldn’t see past 3 feet ahead. Brian tried stalling but they finally headed out in the rain, he took his cell phone out and showed Nazanin a photo he had taken of a picture of his parents who had been to the Cliffs of Moher for their honeymoon, his hands started shaking, and Nazanin realized, this is it!

Image 2 of Nazanin and Brian

She started crying and with tears coming down her cheeks, Brian got down on the muddy and wet grass on one knee and asked if she’d be with him forever. She was so shocked she forgot to say yes. Brian had hired a photographer to capture every moment at the Cliffs. The fog finally did clear up, and they were able to admire the beauty that is the Cliffs of Moher.

Image 3 of Nazanin and Brian