Nayiri and Sevag

How We Met

Sevag and I met when I was fourteen and he was fifteen years old. We automatically became best friends, and that was it. We went through high school, college, grad school, and now medical school together. I knew he was my person early on, but he always wanted to wait for the right moment to propose. Then, I moved for medical school and I thought my life was going to be on pause, until February 14, 2020.

How They Asked

I went back home to Los Angeles for Valentine’s day and we went out to a casual dinner with our siblings. Once the table was cleared, he started to get anxious and I could tell something was wrong when he said “I’ve been waiting to ask you something” and went down on one knee. At that moment I was shaking and in tears, so I only know what he told me because of the recordings, but it was unreal. My best friend turned into my forever valentine, and I can’t wait to do life with him.


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