Nayha and Sohil

Image 1 of Nayha and Sohil

This past May, Sohil debuted his collection for the first time at the White Gallery show in London for bridal market. I work at The Knot and decided to take some time off and tagged along. We decided to extend his business trip to a mini vacation in Lake Como for a few days. It was our second day in Lake Como and Sohil had planned to tour a villa in Bellagio for the day so I threw on a pair of jeans, a hoodie, and sneakers and was ready to go tour.

As soon as Sohil looked at me (later he told me), he thought “oh no how do I get her to put on a dress, she is going to hate these pictures”. He came up with some elaborate story that the villa was going to be so pretty and that we’re going to take pictures that we should dress up, he even offered to iron my dress. That never happens! Looking back I should have known then, but I had no idea. I still wasn’t having it and said “no its okay I rather be comfortable”. I even pushed for staying back at the hotel to hang by the pool.

Image 2 of Nayha and Sohil

At this point he was sweating bullets (on the inside). Eventually he got me to the villa, dressed in my dress, and shocked me with the most beautiful proposal that we even had the photographer crying!

Image 4 of Nayha and Sohil

Image 3 of Nayha and Sohil

Image 5 of Nayha and Sohil

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Special Thanks

Martha Guenzi
 | Photographer