Naydene and Zane

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How We Met

How did we meet? That’s a good one! We originally went to school together, a year apart but in 2012 we both started working in our local supermarket. Zane had someone crushing on him that worked in the Deli and she was our initial point of conversation… More of less our way of teasing (flirting now as I look back)!

One Friday night, the 9th of March 2012 to be exact, my friend hosted a “girls night” for her 16th birthday which was then intruded by Zane’s group of friends, THANKFULLY. For a few hours, I had to work up the courage to go talk to him, and finally, my friends gave me a push! I approached Zane and it was just sparks ever since, we didn’t stop talking the whole night and right before he left, he gave me our first kiss. After Zane left he texted me goodnight and he ended his message with an “x” and I was just CHUFFED!

Basically from that night onwards we texted and spent out lunch breaks at school together and our smoko at work together, we were in a little love bubble. on Anzac Day (25th April 2020) Zane and I had planned to have smoko together at work, working on a Public Holiday together and during smoko, he asked me to be his girlfriend. The sweetest 16-year-old boy had thought by asking me to be his girlfriend on a Public Holiday this allowed us to spend the whole day, every anniversary together onwards!

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How They Asked

Where do I even begin? To sum it down, he proposed in the way that every girl dreams! The whole day was just a dream, for both of us. We were in Melbourne visiting his sister from the Sunday prior and little did I know, it was going to be the most wonderful experience of my life later that week. So we started our mini holiday in Melbourne by staying in the city for 2 nights which were blissful then we headed over to Zane’s sister’s home in Mooroolbark to spend time with her and our nephews. We arrived on Tuesday and were supposed to be spending the night, however, Zane asked if we could stay a little longer which I was happy to oblige, we decided we would come home on Saturday. I now realize this was because Zane has a huge surprise up his sleeve for later that week.

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The day before the big proposal happened, Zane and I had a look at some motels to stay as we thought it would be nice to spend our last night in Melbourne along the beach… Little did I know there was already accommodation booked so he really had me thrown! The morning of, Zane told me to dress nice because we were going to a fancy return for lunch. We jumped in the car and off we were but much to my knowledge I would be returning back the next morning to collect Zane’s mum before we headed home WITH A RING ON MY FINGER!

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It still feels surreal! So, we arrived at a lovely little spot opposite the beach, Brighton Savoy Hotel, and walked inside. We were told our table would be ready soon and as far as I was aware Zane had to use the bathroom however this was code. I was taken out past the dining area to a black curtain and behind it was my now fiancé with the most incredible set up I’ve ever seen. I was just in total and utter shock!

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I walked over to Zane where he then got down on one knee and asked, “will you marry me?” The whole set up and arrangement was the most perfect day I could have ever imagined and it is all because of my proposal co!

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Something I will defiantly replay in my head for the years to come. The most perfect part was that the whole thing was captured including my reaction! After he got down on one knee, we were sat in our little bubble and enjoyed some champagne together, just the two of us, honestly the best day of my life.

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