Navy Marriage Proposal; Lacy and Josh

What’s better than a man in uniform? How about a man in uniform with a wedding ring too!? Gushing over this adorable Steamboat Springs marriage proposal, we hope you enjoy it too!

Navy Marriage Proposal

How We Met: Josh and I met at the ripe old age of 10 and 11, when we were in the same middle school. We dated from 8th grade until our senior year of high school, where decided to part ways – he went to the U.S. Navy and I went to college. During those years apart we always stayed in touch, calling each other on every birthday or major event and whenever he was back in town on leave, we would meet up and get dinner or coffee. After a few years of chatting and reconnecting we finally decided we couldn’t live without each other. We have been back together again for nearly 3 years and couldn’t be happier.

Navy Marriage Proposal

The marriage proposal: I had a pretty rough summer with the passing of my grandfather and having no time off of work, so Josh decided to surprise me with  a nice mini vacation. Our favorite “staycation” spot in Colorado is Steamboat Springs so he picked me up at work on a Friday  with my bags packed and swept me away to the mountains. The second day we were there, he pulled out a dress for me and his Navy dress blues and told me he wanted to go take nice pictures of him with him in his uniform and the fall colors. I didn’t think anything of it and we got ready to go. We drove around for 30 minutes with him trying to find the “perfect view” (which I thought was a little odd since it is all so beautiful, but didn’t question it). Once we found the spot, we set up the tripod and camera and started doing pictures. After a while of me running back and forth from the camera, he said he wanted to take a couple. He went over to the camera, set up the photo, and came back over to me. When I went to hold his hands, I felt the ring box! He then got on his knee, and asked be to be his wife, all the while the camera was taking photos of the moment.

Navy Marriage Proposal


After crying and jumping up and down I of course said YES and cannot wait to marry my best friend.