Navjot and Ravi

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How We Met

Ravi and I have always been good friends for many years but living very intricate and nomadic lives due to work and academic goals. I met Ravi in 2009 when he was nearing his studies in Pharmacy at the University of British Columbia and I had just finished my undergrad and had moved back home to Squamish. We exchanged contact information and continues to stay in touch. We had a very strong interest in music that always connected us as we always discussed the meaning behind lyrics and I found myself very intrigued by how his mind analyzed the life around him. I had never known anyone to have so many shared interests as myself, we even share the same birthday, October 9th! Ravi is always someone I admired and looked up to due to his kindness, dedication and work ethic and of course great taste in music which was helpful in keeping my playlists up to date. We kept in touch over the years but I moved to Calgary for post graduate studies and he traveled lots throughout the province.

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It wasn’t until February 2016 when we connected properly and started to discuss upcoming local concerts and 112 was in town to which my eyes lit up as they were one of my favourite R & B bands of the 90s. I agreed to going to this concert even though I was a little nervous as I hadn’t seen him in years and I could feel the butterflies as I saw him and as the night went on I felt at ease. Being around was the most natural feeling as I felt I was with someone familiar and someone who knew my true authentic self. Ravi and I have always believed in fate and destiny and soul mates so it was no surprise that one day we would end up together as “it was written.”

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how they asked

I found out that Ravi had been planning my proposal for weeks without me even suspecting a thing! We went for a visit to my family’s home to attend my good friend Sage’s “Housewarming Party” which has a high tea theme so we both had to be dressed up. This “party” was supposed to be at 3 pm so Ravi suggested we take part in a local activity that he planned for me which was a surprise. I had been so curious all week wondering what this activity was and drove him crazy asking! Ravi, being the very patient guy that he is, kept telling me “you’ll see!” I found out last minute that the activity he planned was a helicopter tour of the local mountains I grew up seeing my hometown. I was very happy to go on this tour as I love nature and this was something on my bucket list without suspecting a thing. As soon as we got to the helicopter base, our photographer, Paula Owen, introduced herself as someone who worked for Black Tusk Helicopter company and that she would be taking pictures to update their business website. I had no idea that Paula was a photographer that Ravi had hired to capture our special day.

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As soon as we got to the top of the mountain, I was mesmerized by the glaciers and snow that I didn’t see Ravi walking away to take pictures of the ring. I turned around and saw him walking towards me and he started to tell me how he know this day would always come since the day he met. I started to cry and was shocked when he took out the ring, he got up and comforted me and then got down on his knee and formally proposed.

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It was all such a magical blur but I remember feeling as if I was on top of the world with my best friend. After I realized he had planned all this, he let me know that there was no “housewarming party” and he had planned it with my best friend Sage as a way to get me to my hometown. I soon learned that the amount of work and details he had put into my proposal and I knew how lucky I was that someone would dedicate so much effort in making me this happy.

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Ravi has always been the most selfless person I have ever known and I truly consider myself lucky to know him let alone call him my best friend and now fiancé.

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Special Thanks

Paula Owen
 | Photographer
Rylan Gibbs
 | Pilot