Naveen and Insiyah

How we met – by photographer Hailley Howard: Naveen and Insiyah met at a wedding and were long distance dating for a long time. Naveen traditionally asked for her hand from her father and planned the elaborate proposal.

how they asked: It was a long weekend so Naveen planned a staycation in Laguna Beach at the Surf and Sand and a nice dinner at The Studio at the Montage.

Image 1 of Naveen and Insiyah

They were having a nice dinner while I was at the table next to them disguised as another patron.

Image 2 of Naveen and Insiyah

At sunset he walked her out to the lawn and asked her to marry him. This is when the jig was up and she realized that I was actually the sneaky photographer.

Image 3 of Naveen and Insiyah

We took some photos and I left and they finished their meal. She thought that was it but while they finished eating I actually went back to their room at the Surf and Sand where they had a surprise party awaiting. But wait, there’s more. When they walked in she was totally taken aback and everyone was so elated with emotion. Then her brother, all the way from the east coast, came from the balcony where he had been waiting. This was the final surprise of a sweet elaborate proposal. Obviously, she said yes!

Image 4 of Naveen and Insiyah

Image 5 of Naveen and Insiyah

Image 6 of Naveen and Insiyah

Photography by Hailley Howard Photography