Naty and Carlos

How We Met: We met 10 years ago when I was at university and she still was at high school. We dated a few times but I had to go to another city so We didn’t hear from each other for a long time.

When she went to university she began to study with my cousin, what did we got back in contact. We were dating a few times again but we never had anything. In march 2012 we met again and decided to start a relationship. We fell in love immediately.

How I Asked: In September 18 2015, we made a trip so I decided to take this new experience of diving to propose her. I was very nervous, she didn’t know anything. When we were 6 meters deep, I showed her a kind of book I made with our history and in the last sheet it said: “now is time to build something else and start a new life”. So I got down on knee and asked her: will you marry me?

Image 1 of Naty and Carlos

Image 2 of Naty and Carlos

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She couldn’t believe it, she started crying and laughing at the same time, but finally she said YES!

Image 4 of Naty and Carlos