Celebrate National Proposal Day With 10 Adorable Proposal Stories

March 20 is National Proposal Day! To celebrate, we’ve picked 10 of our favorite proposal stories—all couples who had a friend in the jewelry business and went to Shane Co. for their engagement rings. Bring your tissues, pick your favorite (and maybe even send this post to someone special as a hint), then spend the rest of the hour browsing through Shane Co.’s amazing engagement ring collection. (Because why not? It’s National Proposal Day and rings are half the fun!)

adam and hailey

“Being the Disney lovers we are, Adam put on the movie Up and then asked me to get one of his Disney art books from the bookcase. After looking at all of them wondering which one he was talking about, I came across a book that said, Our Adventure Book. It was a book he made of us as Disney characters that he drew himself with meaningful quotes from each movie. I was in shock as I kept turning the pages. I spent a few moments reading it and then noticed that the marriage scene in the first seven minutes of Up was on the TV, and then noticed my fiancé down on one knee….”

hannah and cameron

“With the help of my mom, I decided to string lights and pictures of us in trees near a local barn and to play ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran (one of Hannah’s favorite songs at the time). I enlisted the help of her friend Farrah (who was also the photographer), and we set the date for February 7. Her other friend, Courtney, made arrangements to bring her to the site on the day of the proposal. When Hannah walked up, she was completely surprised! I got a little choked up as I proposed, but of course, she said, ‘Yes!’ It could not have been more perfect!”

jess and jeff

“There are some places around town where Jess and I have experienced our deepest connections. Whether it was where we had an amazing conversation, shared a kiss or both felt moments of vulnerability, there are just a few sentimental places in our hearts and in our minds that we both know are very ‘us.’ Because of how special these places are, I knew I wanted to include every single one of them in my proposal. When the day finally came, I made her believe I was working long hours while her friends and family took her all over town to find a note at each place waiting for her. At the last stop, it was me waiting for her, ready to ask her to spend the rest of her life with me.”

Photo by Jenn Pacurar

debbie and abner

“When we got to the top of our hike, a friend suggested she take a photo of Abner and I. While I was trying to figure out how to pose, Abner dropped a note while I wasn’t looking and then turned to me and asked me how it got there. I looked back really confused. How did that note get there? Was that in my back pocket? Abner picked up the note and began to open it up. I was getting a little impatient as he was opening the note because I already knew what it was. It was our note from when we first said, ‘I love you.’ Why do I need to look at this again? We already know what it says. But the more he opened it, the more I realized this wasn’t our love note. This note said, ‘Will.’ This note said, ‘Will you.’ This note said, ‘Will you marry.…’ Oh-my-lanta. My heart stopped. My legs gave out! I fell straight down to the ground!”

Photo by Ryan Millsap

Watch the video….

quinn and kevin

“As the horse-drawn carriage took us through all the lights, I kept thinking how beautiful it all was and any bits of my bad mood from earlier had floated away. Near the end of the drive, which I had been on at least 20 times in my life, we took a road I had never taken before. I told Kevin that I was a little concerned that the driver was lost and he just smiled. The carriage stopped in the middle of a dark road and Kevin got out. He said, ‘This was always the plan, I only wish I could have made it snow for you.’ He proceeded to get down on one knee and then clicked on the words, ‘Will you marry me?’ in lights. He had a beautiful speech prepared, but I was so nervous that I do not remember any of it. I don’t even remember saying yes! It was the most magical Christmas experience I could have ever imagined.”

hailey and drew

“I went on a hike with some girlfriends and towards the end of the hike, the girls all told me they ‘liked my pace’ and wanted me to be in the front of the line—so I went and basically started running. I wanted to get to the top already! Finally, I saw a rock formation around 20 feet ahead that I know was at the top of the mountain. Right when that caught my eye, a handsome guy peeked around the stack. (It kinda made me jump to be honest.I didn’t know anyone was up there!) It took me a couple seconds to realize that the guy was DREW! At that moment, I was so happy to see him after almost a month (we’re long distance), and I immediately knew why he was there. I turned around in shock at my friends and then back at him, and he told me so sweetly to come to him. After receiving the sweetest hug, kiss and ‘I love you,’ the moment that I had been waiting so long for happened. He dropped down to one knee with the prettiest ring in hand and asked me to be his wife.”

Photo by Logan Sheat

eden and matthew

“When I decided the time was right to propose to Eden, she thought we weren’t able to afford a ring. So when we passed by Shane Co., we decided we were just ‘window shopping.’ Little did she know that I had already made arrangements with Shane Co. that whatever she wanted, they were to hold for me and I would return to make the purchase the next day. A month later, it was my parents’ 30th anniversary and I told Eden they bought a photo shoot and the photographer was offering two shoots for the price of one! She was so excited and thought nothing of it! We shopped together for matching outfits and I treated her to get her hair and makeup done the morning of so she’d feel beautiful. I wanted everything to be perfect. Then, just a few minutes into the photo shoot, Alexandra, our photographer, asked Eden to turn around and walk away from me. This was my cue to prepare for the moment I had been waiting for all day. The photographer then said, ‘Now turn around and look back at Matt for me.’ When she turned around, I was waiting to ask her the question of a lifetime.”

Photo by Alexandra Grace Photography

jessica and tripp

“Ever since we met six years ago, we had talked about our dream trip to Europe. It wasn’t until we started dating that we made our dreams a reality. Tripp and I purchased our plane tickets, and planned a tour of Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona and the Algarve (Portugal) for September 2016. Our first stop was Amsterdam, and Tripp said his friend had recommended a really great place for dinner the night we landed. We stopped at the apartment to unpack and rest and as we were leaving, he threw on a dapper outfit. (I threw on a sweater and no makeup—little did I know!) As we were walking to the restaurant, I was stopping at every block to take pictures; I was just building his anxiety more and more. FINALLY, we turn the corner to see the restaurant and directly across is a beautiful bridge overlooking the canals. Tripp asked if I wanted to take a picture on it before sitting down for dinner. Of course, I couldn’t turn that request down. As we are standing on the bridge, he looks at me and asks me to make him the happiest man for the rest of our lives together. I was so ecstatic that I couldn’t form words.”

Photo by Silvia Falcomer

alessandra and jonathan

“We were having dinner at Jonathan’s parents’ house and afterwards, he told me he had a surprise for me. He told me to close my eyes and he walked me outside, where, in true to myself in every way, I tripped, stumbled and totally fell off the patio onto the grass. For those who know me, this is classic Alessandra, but even while falling, I kept my eyes closed. He helped me up, led me through the grass, and he then positioned me in front of him and told me to open my eyes. I then saw him and this beautiful trellis with blue flowers, blue candles and a photo of us in a frame that said, ‘Love.’ Our song is called ‘I Love’ and one of the lyrics is ‘I love every shade of blue,’ and that has been a theme in our relationship. It was only right to add all these blue details to his proposal. I immediately began to cry. I couldn’t believe it was happening. He looked at me and said, ‘You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. What I am about to do is the easiest decision of my life.’ He then got down on one knee with tears in his eyes and asked, ‘Alessandra, will you marry me?’

Photo by Taylor Mitchell-Sadler

morgan and stephen

“Stephen and I went to UGA in Athens together and a couple years after graduating, he asked me to go back to celebrate his brother’s birthday. When we got to campus, we started walking around and Stephen said, ‘We have so many good memories in Athens. What’s one of your favorite memories from when we first started dating?’ We took turns talking about a million little memories from our early stages: all those late night conversations, Waffle House runs from when he lived within walking distance of one, our first Greek date night and how strange it was to me at the time. (I was in a particularly edgy phase). Eventually, we were in the Founder’s Garden. Being completely oblivious, I started looking around for a bench, because I would have sworn there was one there. I wanted to be able to sit and appreciate how beautiful the garden was with him. He had a different plan. I was still looking for that bench when Stephen turned me around and said, ‘I want to make one more memory here.’ He got down on one knee….”

Photo by Blane Marable

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