Nathly and Rodney

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It all happened at work when I saw her walking down the hallway on her first day. As she passed me, I was stunned by her beauty I ran into the wall going into my office. I knew at that moment I had to meet her. One day, she was stressed out at work during training I grabbed her hand and told her “woosah”, she laughed and her laugh was so intoxicating it left me needing more. I went into the break room one night; she was in there on her lunch break. The conversation was just so easy and it flowed till we were both 15 minutes late getting back to work. She invited me over to hang out that night and when I got there she let me hear a cover song she did to Celine Dion’s “ Power of Love”; to be honest, she had the voice of an Angel. I remember thinking to myself I can listen to her sing for the rest of my life. Now I’ve got the fairy tale love everybody prays for and I’m blessed forever.

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