Nathaniel and Jackie

Image 2 of Nathaniel and Jackie

How We Met

We met on a date from bumble. I was a little fella looking for da LOVE. Unbeknownst to me I FOUND IT. Jackie was at first a little shy & careful at Bianchi’s. We got to talking and pretty soon she found out how goofy and dorky I was. Through it, though I was able to discover her bright white smile and her beautiful hazel eyes. I remember cherishing her natural beauty and thinking “wow I hope I am lucky”, never thinking she would choose me. Before I knew it I made a move to hold her hand and to my surprise she grabbed it. Talk about WOW!! Now that was lucky. A warm feeling inside made me smile ear to ear. On that daytime date, we had yummy pizza. Definitely, the pizza was a bonus.

How They Asked

Nate made plans to go to Old Tucson. And asked me if I had ever been to a rooftop restaurant in Tucson. I told him yes, the Moonstone the year prior for my birthday. He said, cool I want to go there. This was towards the beginning of January. Something seemed “fishy” to me. He also said we were going to San Diego on a last-minute trip, insisted we see my parents, and that he spoke to my mom and dad alone.
He said okay we’re going to old Tucson on January 26. That morning I noticed he was acting “strange” all day. He arrived at my house dressed nicely in slacks. Even though we were going to Old Tucson, which is mostly dirt. We arrived at Old Tucson and did all the things and watched the shows. He was acting strange and I asked what was going on. At one point he said “leave me alone” I was so mad lol. He said it’s nothing, there’s a surprise for you, and I was talking to my sister. I just can’t tell you. I was so confused. We finished at old Tucson and went to his parents’ house. I was pretty tired and tried to take a nap. I couldn’t sleep and was restless. Nate said we’d be heading to the moonstone soon. His mom came in and said she was leaving to help Elisa his sister with her tire.

We arrived at the moonstone and ordered food, casually talking. He orders a burger and I get nachos. Nate says I think I can get 15 more burgers at Burger King after. I was shocked!! I was so full, he had to finish my nachos. We were talking about random things, as he does. He talked about the burgers, and then the view(which was beautiful). Nate then said I think I know who I am. I’m spike from the land before time. I laughed. He said you think you’d be able to handle that for the rest of your life? I laughed and said yes but how random he is. The waitress came and asked us if we wanted dessert. I said no I’m so full, but Nate insisted we get dessert. He then quickly got on one knee from his seat and said well the real reason I asked you here is… Jackie, will you marry me? I was so shocked and then I saw his sister taking photos and was like omg!!! I said yes! I handed him my left hand, but he grabbed my right hand and put the ring on. I was confused but went with it lol. We took some pictures and talked. We spent the rest of the night talking walking around downtown and riding the sun link. We got ice cream and went to his parents’ house

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