Nathan and Grace | Australian Waterfall Proposal

Image 1 of Nathan and Grace | Australian Waterfall ProposalHow we met: We met at Grace’s cousin’s wedding in NSW Australia. Her cousin and I did paramedics together. Grace was one of the bridesmaids. We never even spoke until the next morning at breakfast. We sat next to each other, not even knowing what this simple contact would lead to. I left before lunch and didn’t speak to her until 3 months later when her cousin said I should add her on Facebook, so I did. That night we spoke on the phone for 5 hours. Since that day we have not gone a day without talking. From there we spent 3 months doing long distance before I decided to drop my career, move from my family and chase love. I made the decision to move 4,590km to the girl that was to become my future and I have not looked back.

how they asked: We visited my home town of Bathurst in NSW. On the Monday morning I woke her at 6am to come for a brush walk through the waterfalls. She declined stating, “Do I really have to go, can’t your sister go with you?” I kindly pushed her in the car with her pillow. We walked 2 hours in the brush to this isolated waterfall.

I pretended to take a ‘self timer’ photo but instead pressed record. She had no idea. The memory space on the card said I had 3min 10 sec left. I was even more nervous when I saw that. So I waited 15 sec then proceeded to ask her in her Aboriginal language “will you marry me?” She was a bit confused. I told her I had read her Nanna’s book that translated their Aboriginal language to English. She then asked what it meant. At that point I bent down on one knee to ask her “in English it means, will you marry me?” She was shocked – mouth wide open, and pausing to know if it was real.

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She bent down and hugged me, not even taking the ring on the way. I then put the ring on and she was thrilled. Afterward I removed the ring to show her on the inside band her tribe name and a pink diamond next to it that was her older brother’s idea. The water works flowed after that.

That night I took her out for dinner. At dinner I surprised her with a well known singer from the TV show “The Voice,” and Grace’s water works started back up again. On the trip back to WA, I organized the flight crew to give a shout out, congratulating us. She hates crowds and public exposure, so it was perfect.

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