Nathan and Stacey's Disney Proposal

Image 1 of Nathan and Stacey's Disney ProposalWhen I saw Nathan for the first time, he was walking to “the tree” during break, laughing and joking around with some of the guys. At that moment I was literally dumfounded by his smile. As cheesy as it is, whatever my friends were saying at that second was instantly forgotten. He looked over at me still smiling and I about wanted to die when I realized I had been staring and he probably caught me doing so.


When I glanced at his shirt….(ok, ok I checked him out) haha I realized he had a Warren High School football jersey on. GREAT STACEY! you’ve fallen for a jock. Not just any jock, one of the hottest (to me at least haha) football players on the team.

I always saw him surrounded by groups of girls and would hear his name left and right. I was never into what everyone else was into and I didn’t want to be, so I kept my feelings to myself and treated him like he was just another guy that I was acquainted with. I never wanted him to know that I thought he was cute, or even worse, that I had a little crush. I rarely spoke to him, maybe glance at him when I knew he wasn’t paying attention and that was it.

As time passed, I noticed he would come around and pull my ear, tug on my hair, put his arm around me in pictures (really? what is this? elementary?) haha It did give me butterflies, but I couldn’t understand why he was doing it. Then he would come around and try to be funny and loud. Even though I found it to be annoying, his smile would get me EVERYTIME.

I wasn’t planning on going to prom, but when Nathan asked me, something was telling me to go. When I asked for permission, ironically my mom didn’t hesitate. It was too good to be true. Almost like we were MEANT to go together.

After high school we went our own way. Strangely, my mom always asked about Nathan and I never understood why. She had only met him once (prom night). So her asking would always have me thinking of him and how he was doing.

7 years after high school, out of the blue, Nathan messaged me and we were reconnected. We hadn’t seen each other in 7 years! Then one random day on his way home from his fire academy, he gave me a surprise visit. We talked outside my house for hours. Probably more than we EVER did our whole 4 years in high school. Something was definitely there…and we both knew it.

Never did I think that the man of my dreams, the man I had been praying for EVERY night, would be the same man that I would see walking down the halls at school. The same man that would make me weak in the knees with a simple smile. The same man I would cheer for during football games. The same man that asked me to prom, would be the same man that I was meant to spend the rest of my life with. God had a plan for me, and Nathan was part of that plan. It amazes me to think that when God was creating Nathan, God was thinking of ME. When God was creating ME, he was thinking of Nathan. Nathan is my best friend. My better half. The thousand to my burger. He is my everything. I truly believe Nathan is my blessing for everything right I did in my life. He is my fairytale ending.

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