Nathan and Julian

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How We Met

I (Nathan) first saw him (Julian) on June 22, 2013. He was performing in a production of “Damn Yankees” at the Hale Centre Theatre in Downtown Gilbert. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him the whole show (he looked SO cute singing and dancing in his baseball uniform). I was too intimidated to approach him after the show; I left with nothing but him on my mind. Just a few short weeks later, I (Nathan) was performing as a dancer in a 7 week run of “Hairsrpray” at the same theatre in Downtown Gilbert. Julian’s best friend and roommate, Jasmine, was in the show with me. Julian came to see the show on July 13, 2013.

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A large group of the cast went to Postino after the show that night; I somehow managed to be seated with only one person in between he and I. I remember every word he said to me that night… turns out he told Jasmine that same night, “that boy doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to be my boyfriend”. We just celebrated our 3rd anniversary and are currently rehearsing for our 10th production together. There is nothing like doing what you love with the man you love. Come see “Forver Plaid” playing at Scottsdale Desert Stages theatre running January 13th-February 12th (

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how they asked

Bags packed, plane tickets in hand, we set off for a weekend getaway (a birthday weekend, that is) to our favorite destination – Disneyland! He had already surprised me with adorable matching shirts reading “Soul Mate” and I was beyond excited to spend my 20th in my favorite place with my favorite boy.

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The morning of my birthday (and proposal) we were waiting in line to get fast passes for Tower of Terror (RIP), when I decided to check my email. To my surprise, I had an email from Julian; a confirmation of our reservation for that night to CLUB 33! I was beside myself – I couldn’t believe that he got us in. For those of you unfamiliar with Club 33, it is the ultimate goal of all Disney lovers. Countless people spend years on the waiting list and spend obscene amounts of money to get in… and somehow, Julian managed it.

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We went back to the hotel, freshened up and put on the nicest clothes we had with us and went back to the park for what was the best night of my life! I’m ashamed to admit I basked in the joy I felt when I saw the jealousy of those watching us walk in to Club 33. The meal was a DIVINE 7 courses – food that was out of this world delicious. In between the cheese course and the desert course (a transitory sentence I never thought I would need), he asked the server to accompany us out to the balcony to take a picture of us.

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After she took a few pictures, he said, “…and we are also out here because I spoke to your parents; I asked for their permission to marry you and they said yes. I want to be your chi chi (his nickname) forever. Will you marry me?”

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Which I of course responded “Yes!” to. We were then treated to champagne and lovely gifts from all the staff of Club 33.

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The remainder of the evening was spent smiling so hard that my cheeks hurt.

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The park’s fireworks were more beautiful that night than I’ve ever seen them.

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