Blair and Nathan


How We Met

Nathan and I have grown up together. He is a year older than me. We went to the same schools and had the same classes and I was on the sports medicine team in high school while he played football.


We were always the best of friends and I never thought I would ever date him. He would flirt with me all the time while on and off the field and I never thought anything of it! Well, the more we talked, the more I fell for him.


When the holidays came around in 2013, he got so upset that I didn’t invite him to go to a few things with my family. I mean how was I supposed to know he would be so upset? I thought we were just friends and wasn’t sure if there would ever be anything more. Well little did I know I would soon fall so in love with this sweet boy. My birthday came around in January and we were hanging out a ton more and going on dates with friends because I was too nervous to go with just the two of us.


He brought me the most beautiful flowers and the sweetest card on my birthday.

Fast forward to a month later on Valentines day. I woke up to a big bear, breakfast and a note that said “Be ready by 6:00”. I was so excited for a big surprise! Shortly before he arrived at my house to pick me up I was so anxious. I didn’t know what we were going to be doing and I was just ready to be with him. Our first stop was dinner at Longhorns Steakhouse. When we sat for dinner he was so nervous and didn’t eat much of his food!


A few days later I found out that at the end of dinner he arranged for a dessert to come out and written on it would say “Be Mine” but he was too afraid and told the waiter not to do it when I left to go to the bathroom! After dinner we headed to see the movie Endless Love. After the movie when we were walking out I saw a huge crowd of people around and moments later I saw a big poster that said “Coming soon, Blair and Nathan.. Prom? Release date March 15, 2014”.


It was the sweetest promposal and after I said yes everyone started cheering!


We headed home and when he dropped me off he walked me to my doorstep and said he had one more surprise for me. He asked me to be his girlfriend and of course I said yes!


From there we fell so deeply in love with each other at such a young age. He has been my rock ever since and I can’t imagine this life without him.


This past summer he was saved and baptized and that was something that gave me the ultimate realization that I was ready to start our lives together. Nathan and I hit it off from the beginning and we were so serious about each other about six months into our relationship.

I remember like it was yesterday when he came home from college to surprise me with a promise ring that solidified everything for us. We knew we wanted to make this relationship work more than anything.


how they asked

For the last few months Nathan and I have been really serious about our future and what our plans were. We knew from the very beginning we wanted to last and potentially get married. It was just something so hard to talk about when you’re young and when a lot of people don’t necessarily believe in young marriage especially in this day and age.

But we knew we had God on our side and with him anything is possible. God will provide everything we could need. We had a positive mind about what we wanted.

As the last few months went on we started to look at rings and some things I would like. Well, I change my mind way more than I should and Nathan knew he was going to have a hard time. He ended up getting the ring I fell in love with when I went to Oklahoma to visit my sister. He knew that would be the best time to get it so I wouldn’t know that he did.

I just had an instinct that something was going to happen very soon and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I was so excited and I just wanted to share with all my friends about how I was feeling or certain things that stuck out to me that made me think he was going to do it at a certain time. Well I ended up figuring out when he was going to do it and when my friend told him that I knew he was planning on proposing when we went to Tennessee, he had to come up with plan b.

On November 6 we went to church that morning and after church my friend Sarah texted me asking me to get together with her and if I would take pictures of her and her boyfriend so they could have some holiday photos. I told her I would meet up with her after I met with my friend Rachel to go to an open house that she wanted to go to.
So I dropped Nathan off at my house to get his car so he could go home and I gave him a hug and kiss and told him I would let him know when I was done with Sarah. Nathan gave me a lot more kisses and bigger hugs than usual when saying bye but I didn’t think anything of it. I just thought he was being super sweet to me.

Off I went to meet with Rachel. I was with her for about an hour and while I was with her Sarah texted me saying she wanted to go get her nails done so they looked good for her pictures. So she planned an appointment to get our nails done and she said she would pay for them in return for taking pictures of her and Reid.

When I got to Sarah’s, her friend was finishing up her makeup and then we were off to get our nails done. I was thankful that we went to get our nails done because it was exactly what I needed. I was glad to be able to go and relax. After leaving the nail salon, Sarah, her friend Maddie and I headed off to Kennesaw Mountain where we were meeting Reid for photos. We made a few stops along the way. We of course had to stop and get Starbucks!

When we made it to Kennesaw Mountain, we parked and walked a while to get to the building where Reid was standing in his military uniform because he had just gotten off of work. I knew their pictures were going to look so good of the two of them! We started to walk through the field to find a spot to take some photos but when everyone kept walking and didn’t stop I was a little frustrated because we were missing so many beautiful places to take pictures! I kept asking where we were going. I saw a blanket in front of of laying out and I remember saying that would be a great place to take some photos if someone was going to leave it there!


Not even a minute after saying that all of a sudden Nathan comes out from behind one of the trees holding a bouquet of roses and has the biggest smile on his face. I was so in shock. I couldn’t smack the smile I had off my face seeing him walking towards me. I laid down my purse and remember him telling me to put down my Starbucks drink.

As soon as I saw him I knew exactly what was about to happen. The one moment I had dreamed so much about. As I was walking towards him I said, “So is this why you have been ignoring me all day?”. He just laughed, gave me a hug and started talking to me.


He said the sweetest things to me and reminded me how much he loved me. In that moment it was so real to me.I was so excited to see him get down on his knee and ask me to marry him. Moments later, that’s exactly what he did.

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I couldn’t stop crying! It didn’t take me long at all to say yes and right after I did, I heard a bunch of cheering from behind and here came both of our families! It was amazing to have everyone there to celebrate such an awesome moment between the two of us.


They all then went on to tell me that since I ruined his original plans to propose in Tennessee, he planned this all super last minute because he wanted me to be surprised! And that I was. So this weekend we will be going on our trip to Tennessee to celebrate with both our families. I am so incredibly happy and thankful for this journey we get to spend together. I am for sure the happiest girl in the world.

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