Amanda and Nathan

How We Met: Nathan and I met my first semester of college. I was at a school event with friends, when they introduced us. We hit it off right away. The rest of that night is a blur, but I remember continually running into him and talking throughout the night. The next day I got a friend request from him on Facebook. I accepted it and he messaged me within minutes of me confirming. We talked on Facebook until 5am. He kept acting like he was going to ask me for my phone number but never did. So right before he got offline to go into work I sent him my number and said “Just in case you feel like texting me.”

Image 1 of Amanda and Nathan

After that we started dating and have been for almost four years now. He has become my best friend, my partner, and my other half. He has stood by me through hard times and through good times. He is the love of my life.

how they asked: For our three year anniversary Nathan gave me a trip to Disney World. I am a huge Disney fan. He booked the trip for a week and even arranged for one of my best friends and her boyfriend to be there the same time as us. On the last day we were at Magic Kingdom, my favorite park. Nathan had gotten the two of us a reservation at the new Beauty and the Beast restaurant, Be Our Guest, for that night.

He told me he wanted the last night of our trip to be a memorable one. We sat in the ballroom, it was exactly like the movie. I felt like I was about four years old and it was christmas morning. After we finished eating dinner Nathan asked me if I wanted to get a photo of the two of us. I did, so he got a cast member to come over and we stood up and posed for the camera.

He had his arm around me and the cast member took a few photos and then I felt Nathan move. When I looked over he was getting down on one knee. I saw him pull out a box from his pocket and his mouth forming the words “Amanda will you marry me?” But I never actually heard him ask because the entire restaurant was cheering and screaming so loud. I was speechless.

Image 2 of Amanda and Nathan

I nodded and he put the ring on my finger and hugged me. The room continued to whoop and hauler, when another cast member came out with what I thought was pillow. The cast member handed it to me and it was a pillow made out of carnations to look like the pillow that held Cinderellas’ glass slipper in the movie. On the pillow was Cinderellas’ glass slipper and a crown. Nathan told me that I was his princess and put the crown on me. Then the Beast came out and congratulated us, and took more pictures with us.

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I didn’t think that the night could get any better. I was engaged to the love of my life and in Disney World! Little did I know he had more in store for me. When we got back to our resort I opened the door and found the following…

Image 8 of Amanda and Nathan

Image 3 of Amanda and Nathan

Image 4 of Amanda and Nathan

Rose petals and candles everywhere, chocolate, a doze red roses (my favorite), a note and picture from Mickey and Minnie, personalized towels, and a basket full of things like bubble bath, bath salts, and more. It was perfect.

Image 5 of Amanda and Nathan

Flowers and Gifts by: Disney Floral and Gifts

Restaurant: Be our Guest