Nathaly and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I met during my freshman year in college at Auburn University. He was playing for the USA team handball while I was training with the club team. The first thing that stood out to me was his enchanting deep voice. We became friends a little after we met but shortly after that he graduated from Auburn and moved on to Birmingham for an internship. We lost contact for a little while, but Ryan said that something sparked on him during the summer of 2015 when I was visiting my family in Brazil and posting snapchats. He decided to restart something by talking to me again, every single day. Until we finally went on a date on September 8th of 2015. Since that date both of our lives have changed tremendously, we were hooked on each other and it wasn’t long until we both realized how special it was to have what we have. Together we have been able to grow a relationship closer to each other and closer to Christ.

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how they asked

On September 8th of 2017 we were planning to go out to eat for out 2 year anniversary. Since I am a photographer and I have tons of engagement photos coming up I told him I needed to go look for new places to shoot, test out lighting and some new poses. He was very willing to help and even suggested this beautiful place in Auburn, the arboretum. I din’t think of anything besides that the place would be perfect for a photoshoot I had the next day. I was all dressed up because we were going to dinner after, and I had told him to do some headshots of myself for my professional instagram account.

As we got there one of my good, most talented photographer friends, Hannah Miller, was there. Hannah said she was waiting on a family for a photoshoot but they were late. She decided to use us for a few test shots for her photoshoot, or so that’s what I thought. She positioned us on this perfect spot and started snapping, while Ryan started shaking and pulled me close to him, got down on one knee… and the rest is history! All I remember is sobbing and saying YES! My oh so talented friend was even more kind to give me the raw images and let me edit them since she knows how passionate I am with photography! I cannot believe how perfect that evening was, and how perfect Lord’s plans are for us.

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Special Thanks

Nathaly Marques
 | Photographer
Hannah Miller
 | Planning