Nathaly and Gilberto

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How We Met

We met in 2010 in a Christmas Youth event from church. My cousin got invited by a friend to this event and they made me tag along. Once we arrive there we sat down on a empty table saw this two guys in the table in front of us. One guy was on one end of the table and the other one in the other end, my cousin said let’s talk to them they seem like they don’t know anybody. That’s when we all started a friendship and turns out they were brothers. We kept being friends but I never thought we would end up together since he was younger than me. At the time he was seventeen and I was twenty. For me he was just my buddy.

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how they asked

Years passed, four to be exact. We served at church and in that time we went to serve in a youth camp called, “Megapeniel” in Brownsville. This camp was so big that the last day we ended the camp in a convention center in Mccallen. As we finished I see my fiance on the stage I heard he was called but I was very distracted talking to other people. Then he starts talking about Houston and I just hear my name. I was confused had no idea what was going on and what I was going to say.

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As I was going up there I noticed cameras friends filming in their phones. I instantly knew something was up. The video cameras where on my face. He sees me and says, ” Natalie I love you” kneels down and proposes. Everyone from Houston and other people started shouting. I just couldn’t grasp it. I started crying. it was beautiful.

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Special Thanks

Michelle garza
 | she recorded in her phone
Mariel vega
 | she recorded as well