Nathalie and Daniel

How We Met: I met Daniel back in 2002, at his little sister`s quinceanera. After that, We did not talk for almost 10 years, until March 23rd, 2012. We saw each other out of church and start talking again. We started going out and made our relationship official on September 7th. Daniel is a great man, and I am so lucky to have him in my life. we were meant to be with each other. We love one another like no one else does!!!!

Image 1 of Nathalie and Daniel
how they asked: After almost 3 years of being together, we went to New York for the first time together. On October 16th, he took me to Central Park and then to the Rockefeller Ice rink, after 30 minutes skating, everyone left the rink and our song started playing. I had no idea what was happening, and all of the sudden, he took me to the middle of the rink and went down to his knee, in front of hundreds of people! all I want to say, is that …I was in shock!….a lot tears!!! and infinite love!!!

Image 2 of Nathalie and Daniel