Nathalia and Gustavo

How We Met

Told by Photographer: Nathalia and Gustavo’s love story is straight out of a movie script. Growing up in the same town in Brazil, Nathalia and Gustavo went to the same schools for years. They were friends and always had a thing for each other and finally in 10th grade they decided to become an official couple and from there on they were inseparable. That is until Nathalia and her family moved to the United States with no warning and no goodbyes.

how they asked

Fast forward 18 years, Nathalia gets friend request on Facebook from a childhood friend from Brazil. They catch up and see how each other are doing when her friend tells Nathalia that she is still in touch with Gustavo and he would love to hear from her. Nathalia was a little wary and surprised that he even remembered her! Gustavo sent a friend request to Nathalia and they began to talk again. Nathalia had been in a long term relationship at a time but didn’t see the harm in catching up with Gustavo. Little did she know that 1 year after they reconnected, multiple visits to each other in between, that Gustavo would get down on one knee at her 30th birthday party and propose to the love of his life. And here they are 9 months later, married and ever so much in love.

Image 1 of Nathalia and Gustavo

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