Nate and Theresa

How we {Nate Friday & Theresa Paik} met:

Circa late December 2003, College freshman Theresa and her college friend, Lisa, from Furman University were talking, of course, about guys.

…You know, how there aren’t any guys in this tiny school to date that are worth a crap.

(At the time 2,600 undergraduate students attended FU – yeah, they screamed that whilst cheering our college at our football and baseball games, but I digress).

So, Lisa comes up with a grand idea for Theresa to meet her high school best friend, Nate who attends UGA. So they “met” over the phone and chat and flirt.

…Short phone calls turned into three hour long phone conversations and finally led to a meet at Lisa’s dad’s loft party in Atlanta. Since Theresa went to Furman and Nate went to UGA, this was a great middle ground to finally meet in person.

After that night, it was non-stop talking on the phone with each other and planning when they would see each other next. There wasn’t a single thought about how their relationship would never work since they lived 2 hours away from each other…

Fast forward seven years later, Nate and Theresa finally live in the same city.

The city they first met each other {in person}.


…and Nate finally proposes ;)

How {Nate Friday} asked {Theresa Paik} to marry him:

By the summer of 2011 Theresa and Nate had been together for 7+ years. Their extended courtship had naturally compelled Theresa to go through a few phases of visualizing the perfect wedding. Her current inception revolved around a concept of chic urban-industrial renewal that was encompassed by a particular reception venue, the Goat Farm. However, Nate had refuted Theresa’s plans over and over again to give the Goat Farm a tour.

Throughout most of Theresa’s pre-engagement planning, Nate had shown all the stereotypical signs of male wedding-planning apathy. In his defense they weren’t yet engaged and it didn’t seem right to over-plan. In her defense they had been together for the better part of a decade. Nate’s refusal to take Theresa to see the Goat farm had gotten to the point where it had become an issue – and he knew it.

Based on a thirst for satire Nate decided that he would use the contentious situation to finally setup a time to see the Goat Farm with Theresa, an appointment he would use to propose. He let Theresa know that he wanted to go see the venue on Tuesday, June 1. He then decided to back out on the plans the Monday before. This set everything up well for Nate because cancelling put a negative spin on the day that he could use as a way to cloak the proposal.

When Theresa came home from work that Tuesday she was not greeted by their two dogs, Cooper and Nico, writhing in their crates with excitement. Instead all that was left in their crates were paper silhouettes of the pups that had clues written on them instructing Theresa how to find Nate and the beloved pups. Theresa knew instantly where they would be.

When she arrived at the Goat Farm she was directed to the main reception space. Nate had a friend that lived and worked there and had given Nate private access to the space. Inside Theresa was greeted by Cooper, Nico, and Nate. As Theresa leaned over to pet Nico she noticed something extra on the little dog’s collar. Nico had played such a large part in the maturation of Theresa and Nate’s relationship and had helped create the bond that brought them to this day. Nico was absolutely the best choice to bear the ring for this moment. Nate quickly leaned in to snag the ring from the collar so that he could ask for Theresa’s hand in marriage. It was an easy yes for her.

Photos by Raven Shutley