Nate and Sarah

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How We Met

Sarah and I had a rapidly expanding friend group while in college at Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU). Eventually our circle of friends overlapped and were integrated together, which created a space for our interest in one another to begin to unfold over water balloon fights, road trips, group dinners, and dance parties.

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We developed a great friendship and I considered her one of my closest “friends-that-was-a-girl”. There was always something about her that interested me. It seemed like we could communicate just through the locking of eyes. There was a certain, lingering “chemistry” between us that was never fully expressed for a long period of time as Sarah and I alternated liking each other over the years. Eventually, I invited her to my house in Lake Tahoe for Easter where either the comfort of being home or the brisk mountain air allowed me to finally be able to share my feelings for her which she reciprocated.

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how they asked

Sarah was coming home back to San Diego after finishing her first year of law school. But she only had 10 days before she left to work in Uganda for 2 months. I asked her for a list of things she would like to do together before she left for Africa and one of the top items was: Go for a walk and hold hands.

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I had spent the last couple months looking for a place to propose and had finally found the perfect spot near where we watched the sunset sink into the Pacific Ocean on our first date over 2 years ago. Sarah and I drove to a more secluded area of San Diego where under the pretense of “holding hands and going for a walk,” I led her down a sandy beach path through a large field of waist-high yellow brittlebush flowers that had experienced a “super bloom” this year from the abundance of rain to the region. We rounded a corner of the trail and came across a blanket with the ring box and my journal that had been set up and arranged by of some of our best friends who were hiding in the bushes nearby watching and taking photos. I read a journal entry to Sarah that I wrote one month into dating. In it I talked about two things: 1. I’m not totally sure what these emotions are, but I think I am falling in love with this girl. And 2. I could definitely see myself marrying Sarah someday. Once I finished reading, I bent down on one knee, grabbed the ring box, and asked Sarah to marry me. (She said Yes!)

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After being engulfed by our hiding friends in hugs and cheers of congratulations, we took some time for ourselves and had a picnic of Pizza Nova and Shirley Temples (her favorite). As it began to get dark we drove back to her parent’s house beaming with excitement and basking in the glow of what our future will be like together. But our engagement story was far from over…

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I had arranged for all of our friends and family to meet for a surprise engagement party at her house. We walked in the door to find both her and my parents sitting on the couch talking. My parents don’t live anywhere near San Diego so seeing my parents may have been the biggest surprise or shock of the entire day for Sarah. They led us into the backyard where over 30 of our friends and family members were there waiting in anticipation. We were able to share the proposal story from both our perspectives (which led to a number of laughs), give out hundreds of hugs and handshakes, and of course show off the ring! All in all, the entire day was the perfect fit for our personalities – intimate time to soak everything in and cherish it together, as well as share and celebrate this huge life event with our loved ones.

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Special Thanks

Mitchell Prins
 | Photographer
Brody Yardumian
 | Planning
Kenny and Hailey Ortega
 | Planning