Naté and Mike

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How We Met

Mike and met in grade 9, in 2004. We became instant friends. We never dated, but we always has that spark throughout high school. Teachers could see it, friends and family too. But neither of us did anything about it. After graduation, we said goodbye, went our separate ways, and let life take its course. We would reunite a couple of times a year, just to see how each other was doing, and in my hopes–rekindle the spark. That didn’t happen. So we let years go on. My life changed a lot in those six years, I had to overcome some of lifes toughest obstacles, but in the end, they lead me back to my high school dream. Mike and I reconnected in November 2014. We were both extremely nervous to meet up after a few years. The moment I saw him again, instant butterflies. Literally the thought of us finally being together flooded my mind. I honestly couldn’t even focus on dinner. Luckily, we had the greatest time, and we’ve been together ever since. Mike told me months later, that the minute he saw me, he knew he wasn’t letting me get away again. Life has definitely been an adventure, and there is no other person I would want to adventure with!

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how they asked

This past weekend was May long weekend in Canada. Mike and I decided to head down to the beach, have a glass of wine, and relax under the stars. IN that moment, of casual conversation, our lives forever changed. Mike looked at me with this genuine smile, got down on one knee, and with the sweetest words and most caring heart, he asked me to be his wife! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Inside that little black box he held the most beautiful ring, and it was mine, as was he! I couldn’t believe he chose me, after 13 years. So, after all that, here we are with a home to make our own, a ring, and the promise of a life together… Forever!

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