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How We Met

Four years ago, my best friend called me one afternoon and said, “Hey, do you remember my friend Morgan? Do remember her brother, Nate? Well, she just texted me and she thinks that you guys would be perfect together….” We both giggled over the fact that I absolutely knew who he was (because I had a weird Instagram crush on him) and the fact that I had always thought he was SO dreamy, but didn’t ever think of it as an actual possibility.

Proposal Ideas New York, New York

Engagement Proposal Ideas in New York, New York

how they asked

Early this November, I got an email from my boss at Slaack Productions asking if us girls were available to work in New York City for a week later in the month. Thrilled by the opportunity, I made sure I cleared my schedule so I could be there! This meant canceling on a day trip that Nate and I had planned on taking with his siblings to the Channel Islands, but who wouldn’t take that amazing opportunity?!

Fast-forward to day four of our trip and our event goes long, so we end up getting off at 5:30pm instead of 3pm. After getting a handful of recommendations for dinner, we end up deciding on meeting our event photographer (who traveled with us from Ventura, CA) at Chelsea Market for a glass of wine. After getting on the wrong subway, failing to get a cab, and getting rejected by an Uber, we finally made our way to Chelsea. From there, Wade suggested a restaurant that he had heard about, and casually said we could walk through the Highline to get there. Since none of us had ever seen the Highline, we excited agreed and we were on our way. He snapped a quick photo of us on our way out–a convenient reason to have his camera out–and excited to be out in the city, I walked with a bit of a skip in my step, just a few paces ahead of the group. Finishing the climb up the stairs, we were blown away by the beautiful view atop the Highline. With a wide open space and city lights surrounding us, it was the ideal setting.

Skipping over to Nate’s side of the story for a second: Nate and his best friend, JJ, arrived in the city that morning and spent the day scouting the perfect place to do it. They decided on a small beach beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, right at sunset. That was, until he found out that we’d be off well after the sun had gone down. They searched all over and decided on the Highline while we were making our attempt at using NYC public transportation. Once he got word that we were headed over, Nate positioned himself in the center of the amphitheater, JJ made sure that the area was clear of strangers, and my soon-to-be-fiancé awaited the moment he’d make me the happiest girl in the world.

As I continued to walk ahead of the group, I heard them say to head down the stairs to my right. Without the slightest hint of suspicion, I approached the amphitheater excitedly, then stopped immediately when I saw the silhouetted man standing at the bottom of it. In a near panic, I thought, “Oh my gosh, Emily is getting engaged!!!” I turned around to the girls and they were huddled, looking at me adoringly–and I finally grew suspicious. Looking down again at this silhouette, I started making our features that I could easily pinpoint as Nate, but was too shocked to believe it. Glancing to my left, I saw JJ, and I knew that it really was him. I burst into tears immediately and slowly made my way down to him. He started with this: “I’m sure we both imagined this happening in boardshorts, on the beach somewhere… but when you told me you were coming here this week, I knew I had to, too.” He followed that with the sweetest words I have ever heard, and asked me to marry him. Never ceasing to cry the happiest tears, we spent the night celebrating–FaceTime calls home, countless photos, champagne and so many hugs.

We truly could not be happier or more thankful for everyone who helped make this night as perfect as it was. We feel so loved!

Special Thanks

Wade Carr
 | Photographer
Jesi Haack
 | Planning
Hallie Slade
 | Planning