Nate A and Sara

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How We Met

Sara and I met in the fall of 2016. I was working remotely in the car business as an Internet Director for a dealership, and she was a CarFax lead. We had an appointment to show a vehicle upon my return to Reno, NV but unforeseen circumstances prevented that from happening. A week or two passed, and she had sent me a Facebook Message stating we had a mutual friend on Facebook (Cool icebreaker babe lol) – Upon chatting for a couple of days, I finally asked her if she would like to come over to my condo to meet since we hadn’t had the chance to before. The date was set for later that evening when I got off work! I went home, exhausted I laid down to take a nap before the big meeting, and yeah… I overslept. Needless to say, she was embarrassed and pretty pissed lol, coming over knocking on a door that nobody answered. I felt horrible and didn’t give up after calling her to meet up. We finally met face to face in a supermarket parking lot 30 min after that phone call, near her home, and chatted for hrs. Rest is history 4.5 years strong, and the time has come to move forward to marriage. She is the kindest, loving, smart, and brilliant person I know.

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How They Asked

Well, Originally I was going to propose at a huge family BBQ, but after some thought realizing that wasn’t very personal, I put together the idea of going to Lake Tahoe on a boat, having my automotive photographer take drone footage of us during the *Proposal* along with some photos! It went well, I didn’t fall off the boat so there’s that! lol

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Kevin Massey
 | Photographer
Kevin Massey
 | Photographer