Natasia and Blake

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How We Met

I had just moved to Lexington for my freshman year of college, I am from Denmark, so I was far away from home and was in no way familiar with American college life. My second week there, some of the girls on my dorm floor decided to all go out together, and I was beyond excited to be going to my first ever college party ! After being at the first location for a while, one of the girls wanted us all to go to another place that she had been to the night before. We were picked up by a friend of their’s and when I opened up the back door, Blake was sitting in the back seat. It was definitely not love at first sight, but we chatted a little bit once we got to the party, he got my number, and a week later he asked me out on a date! 5 years later and he is now my future husband!

how they asked

Blake had been studying for his CPA exam for a few weeks, and told me that he had decided he wanted to go out for dinner to unwind a few days before taking the exam. The night of the dinner was a Tuesday, and I was annoyed that he was taking me out on a Tuesday because I was getting up early for work the next day. While we were getting ready to leave, I wanted to wear something casual and when I asked him what to wear he goes “wear what you would wear to meet the president”, which was weird when he said it, but after the proposal I realized he was saying dumb stuff because he was so nervous! He took me out to Grey Goose in Midway and once we were done eating, he tells me that he wants to go see his friend’s parents at their farm because they were in town. I agreed to go but questioned him the whole way there as to why he was so insistent on going. We pull up the the farm and he says that there are no cars there so they must not be home, and then suggests that we should go see the horses inside one of the barns because I love horses. We get out of the car and walk up to the barn and there are two easels with pictures of us on them! I start becoming suspicious and think he is about to get down on one knee, but then out of no where our two dogs come running towards us through the barn! I was so surprised to see them and then he tells me to look at one of their collars and it had a name plate with “will you marry me?” engraved on it!

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