Natasha and Nikita's Proposal in Paris

How We Met: We have met each other long time ago, very long time ago. We were classmates, friends, spent so much time together, that at some point our relationships could no longer fit into friendship. It’s been 6 years we fall asleep and wake up thinking about each other.


Now we are going through a difficult test – Nikita is doing his military service away from me. But we sincerely believe that the first love can be the love of your life and cherish tender feelings in our hearts, counting days until our wedding.

how they asked: Last year we got a chance to visit beautiful Paris. On the last day of our wonderful journey, we were at a cafe in front of the Eiffel Tower. Tricky waiter brought us two glasses of champagne and a red box with a treasure instead of ordered coffee. At this moment, a crowd of people lined up and started applauding, whistling, congratulating us in different languages, shooting this moment with their phonesLittle kids were mourning all around like lovebirds. Well, over sentimental me had no choice but to drop tears of happiness and give my trembling finger to my love to put the most beautiful ring on it.









Photos by Daria Lorman