Natasha and Zach

how we met

Natasha and I were friends on social media for years. We went to the same high school, we hung out in similar groups, and shared the same spaces, but our paths hadn’t crossed until I was home on leave from the Navy. It wasn’t a chance encounter, I knew I wanted her before we even met, so I mustered up the courage to ask her to come visit me after work. She agreed! We didn’t sleep that night. Just sat up talking about life, our friends and our families and the hardships we were going through at the time She even told me some of her best jokes. I knew that I had a friend for life. There hasn’t been a day since where she wasn’t on my mind. Every time I came home, we made time for each other.

how they asked

Since we first met, My mantra has been “I’m always going to want more with you.” Distance prevented us from connecting at the capacity that we needed to. I missed her so much it hurt. We spent years in longing between visits. That longing turned into a plan to be together and the rest is history. I didn’t want to spend another day without Natasha in my life.

I must have spent months looking at rings and emailing photographers.We didn’t have any photos together. So I told her that I arranged for Hannah Payne to take some of us and the dogs. She didn’t expect a thing!

Special Thanks

Hannah Payne Photography
 | Photography
Alexis Russell
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