Natasha and Ryan

How We Met

Ryan and I met in high school in early 2010 when we were just 16 and 17 years old. We grew up in the same small hometown just south of Birmingham, Alabama. We didn’t really notice each other or begin talking until I told a few girls that I thought he was absolutely adorable. Well, they told him and I was so embarrassed that I Facebook messaged him soon after to apologize if he was creeped out. We laughed it off and started talking through Facebook messages until we exchanged phone numbers and began texting. I was actually a grade ahead of him so I was a little hesitant at the thought of dating someone younger than me. I thought “what the heck” and decided to go all in to see what this guy was all about. We started hanging out with some mutual friends who were dating at the time and immediately hit it off together having movie nights in his friend’s “man cave” and going fishing and tubing at the lake. On April 22nd, 2010, I invited Ryan over to my house after school to hang out one-on-one for the first time. We ended up sitting and talking on my trampoline for hours under the stars just getting to know each other a little better. Before he left (and was late for his high school curfew) he asked me to be his girlfriend :)

how they asked

Fast forward almost 7 & 1/2 years, we decided to book a trip to Denver, Colorado to visit my grandparents and squeeze in a little vacation time. Ryan and I had been talking about getting engaged soon since we had both began our careers and were ready for the next step in our relationship. I was hoping that the proposal would be before the trip so that we could take some engagement pictures in the mountains, but it never happened. A few days before the trip I was pretty bummed because I was under the impression that Ryan just never made the effort to plan or go ring shopping so I figured it wasn’t happening on the trip either. We drove up into Rocky Mountain National Park and the further up we got into the beautiful mountains I was hoping it may somehow still happen. We stopped at a few overlooks until we found one with a literal breathtaking view. We were standing there for a few minutes taking pictures when Ryan turned to me and grabbed my hands and started talking with a shaky voice. My heart sank and I just knew it was finally happening! He told me that he had completely forgotten his speech but that he loved me very much and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and then proceeded to get down on one knee and ask me to marry him. I was in complete shock as he placed the beautiful ring he picked out himself on my finger ever so carefully as to not drop it into the rocks below us. I have never been as happy as I was in that very moment and I’m even happier that my best friend Taylor was there to capture it all on film! :)

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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Rocky Mountain National Park

Special Thanks

Taylor Dane Grater