Natasha and Robert

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How We Met

The love story began 6 years ago during my first semester at Palm Beach State College. I would past by the library to get to the same class twice a week. Every week those were my favorite days because I would pass by the most handsome guy. What also instantly caught my eyes about him were his shoes because I loved sneakers as well. Every day I saw him he always had the coolest sneakers on. It was definitely love-at-first-sight. He would always stand by a wall at the library with his friends and every time I’d pass by we’d connect eyes; my stomach would have butterflies and my heart would drop. The way he stared at me always made my body feel like jelly! Every week of the semester I’d wish he would come over to talk to me because I was way too shy to go up to him.

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Finally one day his best friend Remy came up to me as I was walking to class and he introduced us. He felt that we were perfect for each other and needed to talk. I found out my heart-stopping guy was named Robert. We exchanged numbers and got to know each other a little that same day. We had so much in common. Came to find out he was shy as well to come up to me. Which was so funny to me because did I mention he was the most popular kid in school! From then on every time I’d pass by the wall at the library where he and his friends were, his would all call my name just to make us blush. We’ve been inseparable ever since we meet that day.

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how they asked

On the day of the proposal, Robert told me that he has planned a dinner for his parent’s anniversary and to be ready by 5:00 pm. He came to my house to pick me up and we drove over to Palm Beach Island where I thought we were going to dinner but little did I know the surprise ahead of me. He parked and told me that we had to walk under the pier to get to the restaurant on the other side of the street. As we turned the corner under the pier there were little notes posted on the wall. Robert said “I wonder who those are for” with a smirk on his face. Each note had a reason why he loved me. I had a feeling what this was. Butterflies started to fill my stomach. As we turned the corner I heard a violin start playing Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”. I instantly started crying.

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It was so beautiful. The sun was setting as he led me to a gazebo that was right by the intercostal. The gazebo was draped with twinkly lights, candles, and pictures of us from the past six years. The ground was covered with rose petals and a heart was made with them in the center. It was picture perfect. He put so much thought and detail into it. He walked me around the gazebo showing me the pictures and explaining how much he loves me. He then had me sit and gave me a bag to open which was filled of thoughtful gifts. One of the gifts was the trilogy of my favorite movie Aladdin which then the violinist started to play my favorite song “A Whole New World”. I couldn’t hold back my tears.

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Robert then brings over a box that was covered in a jasmine blue cloth and tells me to open it. When I open it, I see a pair of Nike Roshe Runs that were white and gold and sitting in a clear sneaker glass box. He tells me to turn the shoes around and on the back of the shoes is written: “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” I think at that point I was hysterical crying. I then turn around and saw our families walk up and my heart dropped.

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As I turned back around Robert was on one knee and asked me to marry him! I said YES of course! Then he slips onto my finger, the most gorgeous ring. That’s when the violinist which I learned was the renowned violinist Gareth Johnson started to play “Thousand Years – Christina Perri”. Our families came running up to us. It was absolutely perfect. I finally will be able to marry the man of my dreams.

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Special Thanks

Jonathan Blanchard
 | Photographer
Shawn Mohamed
 | Videographer
Gareth Johnson
 | Violinist